Jessy Mendiola and Astring-O-sol Share How to Transform Mouth Turn-Offs into Ice Cool Moments of Confidence

Good oral hygiene and fresh breath are two factors that can boost one’s confidence. However, a study (Project Persia U&A, 2010) revealed that 89% of adults aged 18 to 45 years old suffer from a variety of mouth issues.

This means millions of Filipinos are constantly struggling to make sure they are free from mouth issues such as mouth sores, gingivitis, plaque build-up, and bad breath. Among all these, bad breath was found to be of most concern to majority of the population.

A qualitative study done by Astring-O-sol noted that good oral hygiene and fresh breath are highly associated with confidence and preparedness, which are believed to eventually lead to positive outcomes like success, financial stability, physical desirability, respect, and even a healthy love life (Project Beonce, 2010).

During a recent event held at the Imperial Ice Bar in Bonifacio Global City, young actress Jessy Mendiola, Astring-O-sol’s ambassador, admits that before she used this brand of mouthwash, “I would really catch myself being conscious about my breath. Especially in my line of work where interaction is key, I really needed a partner to ensure that I was confident enough to deliver my lines and my scenes.”

She acknowledges that confidence and fresh breath are extremely important in order to succeed in show business. Facts from the Beonce study show that 49% of those without bad breath feel more confident, 37% are ready and prepared to socialize, and 54% of users feel protected.

Discover the road to ice cool fresh breath and transform yourself into a more confident you! Watch Astring-O-sol’s latest online video starring Jessy.

“We all need icy fresh breath to be our confidence ally and Astring-O-sol is my partner in facing my everyday challenges with confidence,” affirms Jessy. “It’s just all about staying positive, being confident, believing in oneself and, of course, having good oral hygiene with the help of Astring-O-sol.”

Astring-O-sol has a unique Tri-Defense formula that helps strengthen teeth, protect gums, and clean the tongue. So, the next time you feel you need that extra boost of confidence, remember, having fresh breath is good start.

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