CCA, Manila Launches CuiScene -- an Online Campus Magazine to Nurture Students' Creativity

Students need a creative output to enhance their skills. At the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA, Manila), this concern was addressed through the launch of its online publication called CuiScene, which aims to encourage interactive campus-based food journalism in its students.

CuiScene e-magazine marks another groundbreaking moment for CCA. "It's an online publication that's geared towards CCA students, and it is also open to the public," explains Anne Certeza Palmares, editor-in-chief. "It serves as a creative output and nurturing ground for our students' writing skills, as well as facilitate other artistic passions and inclinations besides food, such as photography."  

Anne Palmares, Susana Guerrero, Melissa Sison
Palmares adds  that the blogsite helps in educating everyone about leading healthy lifestyles through green living. The e-magazine from the Cravings Group seeks to catalyze culinary students to campus life and learning via interactive and highly informative contents. CuiScene also aims to build a stronger campus community among students and faculty in all CCA schools through online media.

Through the e-magazine, students get to be acquainted with various community events and goings-on such as academic affairs, lifestyle trends, business, leisure spots, travel, and more. The site, which is updated on a daily and weekly basis, according to Palmares, enables "swift exchange of online information between facilitators and users perfectly fits the changing times and modern ways of communication of our CCA students."

Preview CCA, Manila's campus updates by visiting CuiScene at

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