Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oishi Stages Another O, Wow! Event with Celebrities and Media Guests

It's always amazing how Oishi comes up with new ideas to surprise people and make them happy. Maybe you've heard of that time when Team O's Elmo Magalona and Tim Yap showered students in Bulacan with Oishi goodies from a helicopter? Read the story here.

my first encounter with Team O back in 2012
How about the times Team O performed other "missions" that surprised and delighted more fans? Check out the videos (read my other blog post here) of Ramon Bautista's Oishi oblation run at the PUP; the flash mob in Glorietta graced by OPM band Sandwich and Rock Ed Philippines' Gang Badoy; and the photo booths in PWU and EAC where PBB winner Slater Young suddenly appeared and elicited thrills and screams among female college students and teachers. Watching them have made me smile and laugh out loud as well.  

Yellow Team
This past weekend, Oishi prepared an enjoyable day with members of the media and our families. I wasn't expecting to see a lot of celebrities but many came and joined in the fun. My Oishi O, Wow! moments that day? Having Phil Younghusband in our team and winning the super fun race that involved various creatively designed booths scattered all over the venue. The event, hosted by RJ Ledesma and DJ Suzy, was held at Skye Lounge located at the rooftop of W Building in Bonifacio Global City

RJ and Suzy
The people behind Oishi have outdone themselves building the amazing booths and their challenging games! For instance, we rolled our youngest teammate inside a giant ball at Slater's Zorb booth.

We hopped over tires and navigated a maze of garters at Ramon's Booth Camp.

My teammates milked the "cow" at the Oaties Milk Farm while I took photos because we had to document our tasks and upload them on Instagram.

We sang Kaleidoscope World at Elmo's Jeep O and were awarded with the highest score by Elmo himself! Read about the cool edited video launch of the song here where this young Magalona got to sing with his late dad Francis M.  

Phil also went one-on-one with newest Team O member, Daniel Padilla, at the Shoot Out booth. I think our team captain scored really high because he barely missed getting the ball into the basket despite the time pressure.

We also successfully spelled Liwayway, the name of Oishi's manufacturer, at the Scramble booth and did other stuff that, apparently, added up to the highest score, which made us win!

Every team got to take home a giant Oishi gift pack each containing various Oishi products which we divided among ourselves. Each family was also given a nice bag designed like an Oishi product wrapper that the kids and kids-at-heart happily filled with goodies from the fully packed Sari-Sari Store booth.

My youngest son also grabbed the opportunity to have his photo taken with most of the celebrities who were there and I am happy that it made his day. I think those would have to be his O, Wow! moments. After all, it's not often you'd see all these good-looking fellas in one place :p So let me thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Phil and James Younghusband, Ramon, Elmo, Slater, and Daniel P. for gamely posing with my Daniel. Your graciousness is highly appreciated :)

For my readers who, I know, must already be wishing they were also there, take heart! Oishi wants to bring happiness to more Filipinos! Think of a great #OishiOWow idea that you'd like to see Team O do and send it as a tweet. Don't forget to use the hashtag! If your suggestion is chosen, Oishi will execute your scheme and invite you along when they do it! 

Imagine how much fun you'd have joining the members of Team O in bringing smiles and laughter to a lot of people. That would be heartwarming! So, go! Think of something fast and tweet Oishi soon. I wish you the best of luck! :)      

* To see more photos taken during the event, please check out this album at WBL's FB page and this album at Trails Unlimited's FB page 

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