Elmo Magalona Reunites with Dad Francis M and Grandpa Pancho in "New" Kaleidoscope World Music Video

The Magalonas is one of the most enduring families of celebrities in the Philippines. It started with a matinee idol in the 1950s named Pancho Magalona. Aside from his good looks, his talent for acting was recognized when he won Best Actor in the 1958 Famas Awards

Pancho's son, on the other hand, became responsible for bringing Pinoy hip-hop into mainstream music with his anthems and catchy beats. Francis M established himself as an icon to rock and pop artists. The Master Rapper's early passing was indeed a great loss for the Philippine music industry.

One of Francis' sons, Elmo Magalona, is now a star in his own right. Like his dad, the teen idol is known for his looks and singing talent; a great legacy from his celebrated lineage. 

The other night, the present generation of Magalonas presented to guests and members of the media an edited version of Francis M's Kaleidoscope World music video. In it, Francis could be seen interacting and singing the song with his son Elmo interspersed with black and white footages of Pancho. The editing was beautifully done and makes for a great tribute that's perfect for celebrating Father's Day next month.

Francis' wife, Pia, and their children were present to celebrate the video's unveiling. Although everybody was obviously moved by what we saw, it was doubly touching to see the youngest daughter, Clara, in tears. Probably, losing her dad at a very young age, has made her miss him the most. 

This digital reunion of the three Magalonas was made possible through Oishi Prawn Crackers, a Filipino snack that has also achieved timelessness. Through the years, it has become a symbol of celebration of things that are never forgotten, things that Filipinos have enjoyed and continue to love as time goes by. I know, because I've also been munching that Oishi product since I was a little girl :)

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