Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wishing Well Heritage Foundation Inc., Launches Taste, Travel & Trends Magazine

Ask people what their passions are and many will probably have food and travel on top of their lists. I would! And these are the same passions, along with the advocacy to educate, that led Taste, Travel and Trends Media Inc. to enter the dynamic and competitive world of publishing.

Ms. Shy Escalona-Marcos (left) and
Mr. Miguel Marcos (right), President of Taste, Travel & Trends Media, Inc. 
Taste, Travel & Trends Magazine was created to be a premier resource and go-to guide for students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and professionals in the culinary, tourism, and hospitality industries. The people behind the magazine "acknowledge the contribution of our peers, while recognizing that these fields we are passionate about are always evolving. Together, we can collectively learn and open our horizons to new adventures as they are woven into the fabric of land and culture."

Mr. Ralph Joseph (extreme right), the name behind
Ralph's Wines & Spirits and one of the owners of The Wine Museum
Seeing themselves both as learners and mentors, the Taste, Travel & Trends team say they look forward to serving those who have a desire to involve themselves or have invested in the rising industries of food, hotel, tourism, and travel "as they expand their reach and influence, contributing positively to the development of our country and strengthening the professional standing of the Filipino workforce, both at home and overseas."

Mr. Philip John Golding (right)
of The Golding Culinary Group
Readers can expect each story or article to be a lesson, a principle, or a life-changer that they can relate to. "Our purpose is to help uplift the standards of our audience by providing pertinent information that can improve their skills and knowledge."

Dr. Maricar Gustillo de Ocampo (extreme right)
The publisher, Wishing Well Heritage Foundation, Inc., introduced the new magazine during a wine and cheese event at The Wine Museum in Pasay City last January 23. Wishing Well is a non-stock, non-profit foundation established to support and promote initiatives in education and other corporate social responsibility programs that will help uplift the standards of certain industries as well as empower their participants to realize their potential and make a meaningful contribution to the world around them. 

With Ms. Cora Llamas (extreme left), Executive Editor
of Taste, Travel & Trends
Taste, Travel & Trends is a bi-monthly magazine with a projected readership of 60,000 and initial cover price of P120. 

* Photos used in this post courtesy of Trails Unlimited. For more photos taken during the event, please visit this Facebook album

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