Friday, January 17, 2014

American Idol Season 13 Premiers on Star World!

I've been watching American Idol for several seasons now because it is interesting to see the dynamics between the judges as well as how new talents are discovered. It is one show where audiences could laugh, sympathize, be inspired, and get blown away because of the wide range of moments that you can see there. 

It's quite amazing that it didn't feel like a year has already passed since Star World held the viewing party of American Idol Season 12 premier but time did fly very fast! Last night, I joined several friends at Prive in Bonifacio Global City to get first dibs on what Season 13 has in store for AI fans. 

One of the things that I find good is that the judges returned to being three. I found having four judges in the panel too much. Besides, split decisions were harder to break. This year, too, I genuinely like ALL the judges, not just one or two.

It's great that Jennifer Lopez decided to come back as judge. I find her opinions credible. Besides, she's a really sweet lady and doesn't come off as annoying like a couple of judges in past shows. Keith Urban is likewise very charming. 

I'd have to say though that what will make me watch American Idol more this year is the presence of Harry Connick Jr. My husband and I have been fans for a long time, him longer than I am. I first discovered Harry's voice and music when hubby brought the soundtrack (in cassette tape!) to the movie When Harry Met Sally that starred Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. I enjoyed listening to his songs since then. So I confess how bummed I was when a lot of people keep asking, "Who's the third judge?" "Harry, who?" Man, they have been missing a lot!

Anyhow, let me just say that the American Idol Season 13 premier was, as usual, good for a lot of laughs. The judges' antics were hilarious especially when Harry offered to carry one of the contestants, and even Keith! Many of Ryan Seacrest's interviews (and interviewees) were also a hoot.

I'm still waiting though to see in future episodes if there will be another Filipino who will make it to Hollywood and, eventually, the final 12. Let's see. For now, I am enjoying watching young people reach for their dreams and, for the truly talented ones, making it one step forward.

I look forward to hearing more beautiful voices and the birth of new stars as the season progresses. Thank you once again Star World for inviting us to another of your cool parties!

Stay tuned to Star World every Thursdays and Fridays to catch American Idol live at 6PM with replays at 8PM and 11PM!

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