Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sacred Heart School Stages a Christmas Show Under the Guidance of The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy

I love watching live theater shows. I'm sure it's obvious given the already numerous posts and reviews about theater that you can find in this blog. I greatly admire a lot of wonderful local theater actors and actresses, some of them still very young who, I'm sure could only get better and better every year. After all, Filipinos have boundless talents when it comes to the arts.

This December, Sacred Heart School Makati teamed up with Teacher Monique Bunuan of the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Philippines to come up with a wonderful play called The Secret of Christmas Eve. It will be staged at the 7th floor of CAP Building in Amorsolo cor. Rufino Sts. in Makati City this December 16, 2013 at 10AM. 

Several parent bloggers and I got to watch the kids' practice yesterday and saw how much fun the little ones are having. According to Teacher Weng Palma of Sacred Heart, holding this year's Christmas showcase aims to help their students become their best in singing, dancing, and acting. This, she said, is very much in line with the school's philosophy of nurturing the children's unsung potentials.

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy is a well-known name all over the world for its expertise in the dramatic arts. It offers workshops in different countries to get kids to develop confidence about themselves and how they speak in front of people. I personally saw how Teacher Monique makes learning really enjoyable for all her participants when kids of my fellow bloggers and even my friend Myra joined in on the workshop. 

Teachers of Sacred Heart revealed that the kids really look forward to the lessons that teach them how to take on their roles as actors and actresses and make them aware that they are part of a team. Happily, everyone is doing a great job.

Come summer break, aside from the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Sacred Heart plans to also start offering after-school classes with Helen O'Grady. The Kindy Drama Program, for 3 to 5 year olds, aims to develop in preschool students confidence and self-esteem as well as verbal communication skills. These are achieved through storytelling, dramatic play, speech training, creative movement, songs, and lots of language development activities.

The classes will further help develop important life skills for young people such as listening, sharing, taking turns, following instructions, sequencing and memory skills, and vocalizing thoughts and emotions. Kindy drama classes meet once a week for an hour and the program runs for a whole year. This is done in a fun and stimulating way to ensure all participants have a wonderful experience and are getting the most out of the lessons.

If you have time tomorrow morning, please do watch The Secret of Christmas Eve where the kids will be cookies, bakers, and elves with a Rudolph to boot! Tickets are sold at P300 each for the benefit of Typhoon Yolanda survivors. This is Sacred Heart's way of helping as well as teaching their students that they are never too young to do their parts as members of society.

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