Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Dove Reveals The Real Truth About Beauty and Launches The #IAmBeautiful Movement

Hey ladies! Did you know? Only 7% of Filipinas describe themselves as beautiful! And Dove wants to change that!

At this time where selfies abound online, many would probably think that Filipinas have a healthy sense of self and think of themselves as being truly beautiful. Amazingly, a recent study found out otherwise. Dove commissioned a research on Southeast Asian women, concentrating on the Philippines, to uncover "The Real Truth About Beauty." It aimed to define the beauty sensibilities of women within the country and across the region.

According to the findings, the common thread was: an enlivened perspective and an attuned sense of self-awareness. The results were refreshingly positive but is still mind-boggling. How can only 7% out of an entire nation of genuinely lovely women regard themselves as beautiful? 

Although the 7% already shows a slight increase through the years, it remains quite a conservative count especially since the Philippines has already won lot of beauty crowns and that there's the impressive confidence and resilient spirit of the Filipina in wielding her own happiness. Definitely, the statistics do not do justice to how beautiful Filipino women truly are.

This is where Dove comes in. As a global giant in personal care that champions real beauty through campaigns that tug at heartstrings, Dove takes on the challenge of pushing perspectives through the #IAmBeautiful Movement. This campaign aims to raise that 7% and get more Filipinas to love and appreciate their own beauty, in their own terms -- free from any labels drawn up by society, not defined by gender differences, and breaking away from the impossible standards set by media.

To support the Filipina in this change of perspective, Dove relies on the same principles that have constantly driven its efforts and expertise. At the heart of Dove is the belief that every Filipina is beautiful, that she deserves only the best products, and that she can reach her full beauty potential by genuinely caring for herself.

Eight out of 10 Filipinas say they are satisfied with how they look. Dove challenges them to go beyond being merely satisfied and instead actually feel, believe, and exclaim, "I am beautiful!" After all, she does not need to live up to any standard because she is beautiful in her own right, lovely in her uniqueness, and captivating in her strength. The #IAmBeautiful Movement seeks to celebrate the self-realized beauty of the Filipina and enable her to care for herself to ultimately lead a happy, fulfilled life.

Join Dove as it inspires Filipina women to dub themselves “beautiful.” Take a stand and be counted among those who appreciate their own brand of beauty and let the  #IAmBeautiful Movement be your voice in proclaiming this fresh perspective of loving, living, and being beautiful. 

Tell the world about your new lease on beauty by liking the Dove Facebook Page. Then, change your profile pic with the "I am Beautiful" image (posted on the Dove FB Page). Finally, upload a photo on any of your social media accounts holding an #IAmBeautiful sign with the same hashtag on the caption. Spread the word, share the love, acknowledge the beauty in others, and more importantly, believe that you are beautiful yourself.

Be part of the meaningful #IAmBeautiful Movement now. It is high time we see the beauty in ourselves! Together with Dove, let’s raise that seven percent, realign our perspective, and finally change the way women see beauty. After all, the Filipina is, indeed, extremely beautiful—and yes, that includes you and me! :)

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