Friday, December 27, 2013

Discover Great Tasting Tortilla Corn Chips in Chacho's Three Flavors!

Many of us like to munch on crispy snacks and, in my family, tortilla corn chips are almost always on top of the list. Recently, we discovered a new brand called Chacho's that will also definitely delight your taste buds!

Chacho's Tortilla Corn Chips come in three flavors -- the Cheesy Cheese, BBQ Bonanza, and Spicy Curry. They come in 80g and 185g packs. 

I am not much a fan of anything hot on the tongue but the first two variants became my instant favorites. My boys, on the other hand, like the spicy Chacho's very much. These chips are great for afternoon or midnight snacks and go well with our favorite drinks.

Two days ago, my hubby, kids, and I went home to Laguna to celebrate Christmas with my extended family. We had a great time bonding with my siblings and their own families. I brought several packs of Chacho's with us and even my young niece enjoyed munching on the treats with her mom and dad.

Keep updated with Chacho's by liking their Facebook Fan Page. We saw that they have an ongoing contest and thought it would be fun to take some individual photos of each member of the family then stitch them together to make them appear connected. 

If you think this picture is creative enough, would you kindly like it on Chacho's contest page? We'd appreciate your votes! My three kids would appreciate having their old phones replaced in case we win :) Kindly check if your like was counted though. We observed that one has to make several tries clicking the like button for the counter to go up.

For those who have also discovered how lip-smacking Chacho's can be, try joining the contest as well! 

* Chacho's is distributed by JNL88 Marketing Inc., which was established in 2001 and is engaged in importing and distributing a wide range of high quality imported products such as snacks, biscuits, condiments, confectionery, coffee, beverages, personal care, and household products. Most of these are sourced from the USA and Canada. JNL88 is moreover the only authorized distributor of Mondelez International products in the Philippines and includes brands such as Chips Ahoy!, Jacob's, Ritz, and more.

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