Thursday, November 21, 2013

WAFU Greenhills Offers Its 12-Course Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet at 50% Off!

Love Japanese food? Visit WAFU Greenhills any time between now and December 30, 2013 and get 50% off their 12-Course Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet!

This tummy-filling experience will tickle your palate with a variety of exciting flavors and food combinations. Some will even be cooked before your own eyes! Take a seat and savor the mouth-watering aromas while your table's personal chef cooks tofu, meat, and fish on a giant teppanyaki griller across from where you're sitting.

The 12-course meal starts with a bowl of hot and tasty Miso Soup and Wafu House Salad drizzled with onion dressing and crispy salmon skin. 

While enjoying those starters, the chef will already be preparing your Tofu Steak with Wafu's sweet and special savory sauce. The tofu has that melt-in-your-mouth texture and goes well with the flavored rice that Wafu staff will also serve you.

Next to be grilled is the US Hanger Steak that's served with shimeiji mushrooms and wasabi pepper sauce. This is another new and tasty treat I've come to like.

The 5th course made me happy as well because it is one of my favorite kinds of fish: the Blue Marlin. This time, I got to eat it with wasabi mayo that gave the fish meat a different kind of twist.

Chicken lovers, like my kids, would surely like the Hard Seared Sous Vide Chicken covered with teriyaki sauce. 

Following that one is the Grilled Salmon that comes with spinach and Wafu's very own sauce ana. By then, my tummy was already feeling some heaviness even though we were barely halfway through our meal! 

But I could not turn down the Ebi Tempura that was served in front of me. That is one of the first Japanese dishes that I learned to appreciate many, many years ago.

As someone who likes steak, I had to take bites out of the US Tenderloin cooked in saikoro style. On another day, I could probably eat a whole slab of this one, given a chance :D

The Japanese Sea Bass with house made mango onion salsa is also a must-try at Wafu.

Of course, what's a Japanese dinner without the ubiquitous Sushi Sampler? If you're looking for those at the beginning of this post, don't fret because they will serve you a variety of sushi :)

To cap off the whole, burp-inducing meal, there's Wafu Ice Cream for dessert that will complete your Teppanyaki Omakase dinner. 

But wait! I did say this is a buffet right? So, in case you are still hungry after being served those 12 dishes, you can ask for another round or order specific dishes from the Teppanyaki Omakase menu and the chef will gladly cook them again for you.

The better news is, if you book a reservation at Wafu for this kind of meal, you can avail of the 50% discount from the regular price of P1800! Pay only P900++ (or P1080 nett) per person to enjoy this sumptuous spread only until December 30, 2013. 

Need more details? Call Wafu at 0917.8770101 or 570.3242. You may also send them a message via their Facebook page. Wafu is located at the right side of the Greenhills Shopping Center if you're coming from Ortigas Avenue.

Happy eating! :)

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