Korean Restaurant Kogi Bulgogi Opens at Promenade, Greenhills

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of dining with friends in Eastwood. It was my first time to try the food at Kogi Bulgogi and I loved many of their dishes! Kogi, if you're wondering, is Korean for meat while Bulgogi is a dish of marinated beef cooked with onions, one of Korea's most popular dishes. 

What's nice about this versatile restaurant is that you can request dishes adjusted to your preferred spice level. This is great for people like me who are not overly fond of spicy food. 

Last Saturday, I got to taste once again the delicious food I've come to love at Kogi. The store launched its newest branch at Promenade, Greenhills and the opening was well-attended by media friends and guests. What made lunch better for me was getting to share the experience with my husband and our happy bunch of friends.

Among the mini appetizers, I chose to take a few bites of the sweet and spicy dilis, the pickled ampalaya, and the slices of sweet banana. All are great for jumpstarting my salivary glands for the gustatory treats I know would be coming up soon. I steered clear of the kimchi though because I know I wouldn't like the fiery sensation it will leave on my tongue. 

Our first dish was the Bibimbap (P210), a popular Korean dish of rice with meat, eggs, and vegetables, which was mixed in front of us by a very accommodating Kogi staff member. It's actually already a complete meal by itself but, of course, it would not be that fun if we don't get to sample more of the restaurant's other yummy offerings!

I like the "ceremony" of eating Chicken Kalbi (P280). It consists of flavorful grilled chicken thigh  strips that you wrap in lettuce leaves and drizzle with several sauces. 

For me, that one goes very well with forkfuls of one of my Kogi favorites: the Japchae (P258), a dish composed of stir fried vermicelli with beef, pork, and mixed vegetables. Honestly, I can finish off a whole plate of this by myself given a chance!

The plates of Salmon (P275) and Tuna (P195) Sashimi didn't last long on our table. I guess everybody simply likes chewing on these fresh slices of fish. 

The Tuna Tataki (P320) also seemed to disappear in seconds! I didn't get to have a taste but hubby said it is something I should order the next time we eat at Kogi. This dish is made up of seared tuna over hot flame with vinegar sauce sprinkled with chives.

To satisfy my soup craving, I ordered a pot of Tuk Bulgogi (P395), another favorite dish of mine at Kogi. This has well-marbled premium imported beef, golden mushrooms, tofu, vegetables, and glass noodles in a light sauce. It's so enjoyable to sip spoonfuls of the liquid that truly warms the tummy. 

For dessert, I ate a stick of strawberry-flavored Melona ice cream that served as a great ending to a very filling meal. There are more items in Kogi Bulgogi's menu that I'm reserving for succeeding visits. The servings are usually good for sharing so it's great to bring along friends and family to have a meal with. 

Visit one of Kogi Bulgogi's branches in Eastwood City Mall, Lucky Chinatown, and Promenade, Greenhills to taste for yourself the wonderful bursts of flavors it has to offer. Watch out, too, for the opening of another Kogi restaurant in Gateway Mall, Araneta Center later this year. 

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