Saturday, July 06, 2013

There's Nothing Like It When John Lloyd Cruz Makes Magic Moments Happen

Magic moments come when we least expect them but leave us fulfilled and uplifted after. Wouldn't it be great to be surprised by someone as charming as a celebrity heartthrob? A lucky lady experienced that before her Cebu Pacific flight to Hong Kong!

Jack 'n Jill Magic, in partnership with John Lloyd Cruz, launched a new campaign that highlights life's little surprises. In the video, you'll see OFW Malou Alicaway finding herself sitting beside a handsome guy who offered her Magic Flakes while he tries to strike a conversation with her. She was definitely blown away when she finally realized who it was.

I'm sure, before she saw John Lloyd, Malou was feeling down at the thought of leaving her family behind. Thanks to the popular actor, she was given the chance to feel joyful despite her departure. Before they parted ways, she received a gift -- a Kabuhayan Package consisting of P50,000 worth of Universal Robina Corporation (URC) products, which the URC team delivered to Malou's family a few days later in their home in Quezon province. 

Magic Marketing Director Chris Fernandez acknowledges that when it comes to bringing magic on and offscreen, you can depend on John Lloyd Cruz. "We feel that he can even take it a step further by turning the mundane into something magical for just about anyone."

And that was exactly what they did -- take the magic campaign beyond TV to touch the lives of actual people in other areas around Metro Manila. "Who knows, one of these days, you might just bump into Magic and John Lloyd in your neighborhood or workplace," hints Chris.

During the Magic press con, we were all startled when somebody started banging on the door of the conference area. Suddenly, in came John Lloyd with a huge smile on his face, which really turned the afternoon into a magical one.   

"I'm pretty excited about this campaign because the concept is really engaging and fun. Finding nice little surprises in your everyday routine can really be magical," he admits. This is John Lloyd's third year with Magic and he says he finds it such an honor to be with the brand this long. "And bringing the campaign to life by taking it to different places in the city is a really great thing." 

With Magic's latest campaign, you might just bump into John Lloyd at the most unexpected time. If that happens, enjoy the moment as I did :)

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