Monday, June 10, 2013

Support HERO Foundation, Inc. and Be a Hero to our Nation's Heroes' Children

Every day, we enjoy the freedom of going to almost anywhere we want to around the Philippines. Generally, we feel confident in the knowledge that our country is peaceful enough that we can go out without fear of endangering our lives or those of our family members'.

Children of killed or injured soldiers 
That security and peace of mind are possible thanks to the soldiers who make sure there is peace and order in our land. Unknown to many, most of these soldiers have to be away from their families for long periods of time and, sometimes, die in battle without getting to spend time with their kids. Help make their sacrifice worth it.

Ms. Michelle Chan - HERO Director for Fundraising 
Support HERO (Help Educate and Rear Orphans) Foundation Inc., a non-stock, non-profit organization that sends military orphans to school. It was founded by the late President Corazon C. Aquino in collaboration with her then administration's Defense Secretary Renato De Villa. Since 1988, the group has been raising awareness and funds about the plight of children of soldiers who were killed or injured in action.

Mr. Jun Bisnar of Nuvali - HERO Board Member
For the past 25 years, HERO has been carrying on this noble task through the support of corporations and private individuals. Scholarships have been established in the form of stipends that are directly given to families of fallen soldiers to help them with the cost of books, uniform, meals, transportation, school supplies and, sometimes, even their tuition fees.

Ms. Ces Drilon interviewing widow Ms. May Tambong
with her son Jonjon
HERO also provides educational allowance to the children or dependent sibling of Filipino soldiers who were killed or incapacitated due to enemy action. As of this 2013-2014 school year alone, HERO is currently supporting 721 scholars but it has already helped 2376 scholars since 1989.

Interview w/ Msgt. Emiliano Hemongala who was injured and
honorably discharged in 2000, w/ his daughter Maryorie
who also wants to become a soldier someday
Earlier today, HERO launched its redesigned donation box at the 4th floor of Trinoma Mall Cinema Lobby. The event, hosted by Ms. Ces Orena Drilon, was graced by the foundation's ambassadors such as 6Cyclemind, Calla Lily, and Trumpets' Audie Gemora and Carlo Orosa. Also present were representatives from corporate donors as well as individual sponsors.

The donation box appears like a container full of what at first appear to be coins but are actually hundreds of soldier's dog tags. The metal objects signify soldiers' supreme sacrifice to bring about peace  and offering their lives to attain it.

HERO Foundation's celebrity ambassadors
Thus, in return, it is but proper to reciprocate and show our thanksgiving for their sacrifices by sharing whatever amount we can give for our heroes' families; their children in particular. HERO presented to guests and members of the media several children who are current beneficiaries of the scholarships. It is quite heartbreaking to hear their stories about losing the heads of their families.

HERO Foundation's corporate and individual sponsors
So if you happen to pass by a HERO Foundation donation box in one of the Ayala Malls or Megaworld Malls, do take a moment to drop any amount that your heart urges you to give. Pooled together, the donations will go a long way to ensure the future of our fallen soldiers' children and give them a fighting chance to lead a better life.

Cally Lily 
If you are a Globe or TM subscriber and prefer to donate via SMS, just type HEROAMOUNT and send to 2899. Donations can be in the amounts of P5, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500, and 1000.

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