Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reasons Why Women Love Butterfly Twists

Women know how it is sacrifice comfort over fashion. I know a lot of ladies who wear high heels and yet lament after a few hours how much their feet hurt. For many females though, it's still preferable to feel comfortable, rather than uneasy, with what we wear. 

People who know me well are used to seeing me wearing sandals or rubber shoes almost every day because I hate suffering from foot pain caused by pretty shoes. After all, I don't need the extra inconvenience given my busy schedule with family and work. 

Imagine my delight when I recently discovered Butterfly Twists shoes! Honestly, I find them very soft, comfortable, and fashionable to wear. Admittedly, women's shoes can make or break an outfit (thus, I am always wearing jeans and not cocktail dresses) and it's hard to find good shoes that give a perfect fit. Butterfly Twists now provides the new generation of women a better alternative!

I didn't know that this line of shoes has been in the Philippines since 2009. I found out that it originated from the United Kingdom and offered a wide array of "just-in-case" foldable footwear that provided relief from several grueling hours of wearing high heels.

This year, Butterfly Twists shifted directions and moved from being just an alternative shoe to being the perfect fit for women on the go by introducing a new and improved line that is not only stylish but also durable. Now, the shoes have thicker soles that are ready for action, making them not only nice to look at but also tough enough to complement a woman’s busy lifestyle.

Butterfly Twists Philippines’ sole distributor, Lina Claudio, believes Butterfly Twists is the perfect everyday partner for today’s modern Filipina as each pair provides a mix of fashion, comfort, and convenience. I strongly agree with that! Now, we Pinays no longer have to forego comfort for fashion because the new and improved Butterfly Twists gives us just the right mix of both.

Find your perfect fit today! I did and I'm looking forward to getting myself a couple more pairs in different colors and designs.

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