Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fast & Furious 6 Cast Arrives at the Red Carpet Premier in Manila, Philippines

Earlier today, the Mall of Asia's Music Hall became filled with hundreds of people as they await the arrival of some of the stars of Fast & Furious 6 who came all the way to Manila for the movie's red carpet premier.

Despite the draining heat of summer, fans, passersby, and members of the media all sweated it out for more than three to five hours of waiting within the designated area. The venue was decorated with lots of posters and tarpaulins while the stage features a really cool car that had many guys salivating over.

To pass the time, my friends and I posed for group selfies and posted them on Instagram. Included in the fun were celebrities RJ Ledesma and the ever gorgeous-looking Gellie Victor who later hosted the event (she is one lucky lady!).

From the Instagram accounts of foydi and mixofeverything
It's not surprising that people became more excited when football stars James and Phil Younghusband appeared at the VIP area. Of course, we didn't waste time in having some photos taken with them. The brothers graciously indulged us and did not seem to get tired smiling at cameras.

Finally, the FF6 people arrived in no less than beautiful cars that carried them towards the back of MOA. They walked the red carpet towards the stage amidst cheers from the crowd. 

Among the cast members, Luke Evans, Gina Carrano, Michelle Rodriguez, and Vin Diesel were able to make it. My vantage point was not quite the perfect place to take good shots so I'm borrowing my friend Myke's photos ( as he luckily found a good spot beside the railings near the red carpet and the stage.

Expectedly, everything the stars said was met with enthusiasm and glee especially when Vin said, "Mahal Ko Kayo" (I love you) with a twang. That's A+ for effort!

Before the short program ended, Producer Neil Moritz left us with a teaser that the Philippines might be one of the locations considered for the film's next installment. The team also left their signatures on the car on stage to get a great price when it is auctioned for charity.

I was one of those who got to see the movie before it officially opens next week. There are lots of heart-stopping actions that would leave you breathless. Make sure you catch FF6 starting May 24th at your favorite cinemas.

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