Sunday, April 28, 2013

Toshiba Says "Seeing is Believing" as it Showcases its State-of-The-Art TV Technology

TV viewers are more discriminating these days as the market becomes more saturated with various technologies that make visual entertainment more fun.

Last Thursday, executives of Toshiba Philippines showcased the capabilities of the CEVO 4K, the second generation 4K video processing engine that was pioneered by Toshiba. This technology promises to bring "true image" to Filipino homes through television.

Tomayasu Yamamoto, Toshiba Philippines President, told us that the superior technology they have developed is a product of the company's commitment to manufacture each television unit with the highest engineering and technological capability. "We pursue the real high picture quality for our users. Through the years, we have established and perfected hardware in semiconductor technology [combining] it with software grounded on Toshiba's skill and thought." These, he said, are what provide outstanding reality to the images in every Toshiba TV.

The Cevo 4K is Toshiba's core technology for television that elevates TV image quality and restores precision to provide viewers with superior picture for contents like Blu-ray, HD TV, and 4K video. This is a much improved version of the 4K video format that Toshiba launched in 2011. What does 4K means? Not PhP4000 definitely LOL! It actually means four times the pixels of full HD or, to make it much simpler, it means onscreen images will appear closest to the way they look in real life.

We got to observe that first hand when Yuuji Motomura, an engineer who heads product planning for Toshiba's TV division, showed us the differences between the colors of an image when viewed on a normal HD screen as compared to a TV that uses 4K technology like Toshiba's Ultra HD 84-inch LED. 

The clips from an animated film available in Blu-ray, which was shown to us, further demonstrated how CEVO  4K gave a near 4K level picture quality to the movie because it can improve precision up to 90% of the original content. Ergo, there is this sense of unmatched reality in terms of viewing experience! 

Taking into account their philosophy of bringing out the natural look and feel of real life, he pointed out that televisions nowadays are being made to create a wow feeling thus, the bigger the screen, the more the excitement. Unfortunately, in most bigger screens, even images shot in full HD can look pixelized. "It is not enough that the TV screen is big," he explained. "It also has to be equipped with the technology that maintains the high picture quality to enhance the viewing experience."

However, Philippine local TV networks are still broadcasting in standard definition but are expected to go into full HD in the next couple of years. When this happens, there would definitely be a shift, if not a mass migration, to better TV models that will give justice to the high-tech formats programs are produced in. 

Present during the launch was Paul Soriano, one of the Philippines' most in-demand advertising directors. He affirmed that, in his line of work, he does not compromise on visual quality. "Toshiba's CEVO 4K technology is top notch in precision. The sense of detail and sharpness is excellent and the way it captures natural light and skin tones. If you’re the type who likes to watch videos in Blu Ray and TV programs that are broadcast in HD, it’s definitely something you’d want your TV to be equipped with," he advised. "It will be a waste not to enjoy the full benefits of HD broadcast if your TV set is not optimum. Most certainly, it makes for pleasurable viewing. ”

YugaTech's Abe Olandres was likewise impressed with the capability of the CEVO 4K to enhance image quality. “Where Toshiba has taken TV technology is quite remarkable, you can tell they are very serious about perfecting the technology. I can see how the CEVO 4K models will appeal to a set of consumers who expect a lot from their TV sets and enjoy the reality feel when watching. Those who have a strong appreciation of video technology will definitely want to get a hold of this.”

I have to tell you though that the price of a Toshiba 4K TV can be pretty steep but, if you are nuts about having the best viewing experience possible and have the deep pocket to indulge that preference, you may want to consider getting one. The pictures are definitely impressive!

To see more photos taken during the media launch, please click here.

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