Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's HOMEpossible to Own a Home with Avida Land!

It's hard to do the Math when buying a home is involved. After all, I'm sure majority of people, including myself, think that you need to have a lot of money first to be able to purchase a real estate property. Not so, says Avida Land!

Earlier today, I visited the activity area in Avida Towers Centera property grounds in Mandaluyong City. There, visitors were given answers to home-buying apprehensions with the "Easy-to-Own-Home Schemes." BPI Home Loans representatives were also there to offer low interest rates.

I was quite surprised to find out that it is HOMEpossible to own a home by setting aside just P250 a day! I'm glad that even young people, who have stable jobs and reasonable income ranges, can actually afford to invest in a property at their age. I wish these kinds of home ownership schemes have already been around when my husband and I were newly married two decades ago. Perhaps back then, we'd be more conscientious in spending our hard-earned salaries and used them for acquiring property instead of buying a lot of stuff that were merely wants, not needs.

I really hope more young professionals would see the need to invest as early as possible, especially when it comes to having a place to call their own. Whether you're single, newly-married, or already have kids, Avida Land has something for you. You can even explore options of renting your place out and earn every month even if you're still paying amortization!

During the event, various booths were set up featuring different places where Avida properties are located. The main goal though is to highlight the advantage of living in a community where all of life's conveniences are built right in and to showcase the benefits of owning an Avida property.

The activities were held alongside the launch and open-selling for Avida Towers Centera Tower 4 located along EDSA corner Reliance and Mayflower Streets. We got to enter the showrooms and saw how each unit, depending on size, would ideally fit its occupants. 

Explore the possibilities! Set aside those excuses of being too young or not having enough money. Imagine opting out of a couple of signature coffee drinks every day and using your 250 bucks instead to invest in your future home. Wouldn't that be awesome?! 

For more information about Avida's condominiums in the Philippines, visit or call (+632) 848 5200 (Metro Manila) and 1-800-10-848-5200 (outside Metro Manila).

For more photos taken during the event and of the units (studio, 1BR, 2BR), please visit this Facebook album.

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