Enjoy Jollibee's Awesome Ultimate Burger Steak Starting March 1, 2013!

I have a lot of favorite foods at Jollibee and one of them is the Burger Steak with Rice Meal

When I got invited to try out a new product yesterday, I found it hard to guess what kind of rice meal Jollibee has cooked up. But I knew it would be something Filipinos would once again love. After all, the popular fast-food store consistently came out with tummy-filling meals throughout the years and which loyal customers immediately embraced.

It took a while for the "big reveal" to happen so we spent the waiting time guessing what the new product would be. My blogger friends and I, together with the event organizers, had to laugh at some wild guesses that ranged from sisig to crispy pata.

Finally, waiters started coming in bearing plates with huge burger steak meals that smelled really good and made my tummy rumble. My first thought was, "Could I finish this by myself?!" because several substantial items were on my plate. 

The new Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak is made from 100% pure beef goodness of a 1/3 pound CHAMP patty. Served on a bed of tasty and crispy fries, this hefty patty is topped with flavorful mushroom gravy, sprinkled with toasted garlic bits and with a sunny-side up egg on steamed rice.

It was a different experience to eat fries dipped in mushroom gravy. The tandem is quite delicious that it made me rethink if I'll ever use ketchup with French fries again. Plus, a piece of juicy patty combined with rice and egg in one big spoonful was definitely satisfying. 

The Ultimate Burger Steak Solo Meal costs P109 while the Ultimate Burger Steak Value Meal (with drink) is priced at P119. Those are already reasonable enough prices for something you can reward yourself with after long hours in the office! But since the Ultimate Burger Steak will be available the whole day, you can also order it in the morning if you're craving for a hearty breakfast.

People with happy tummies :)

The good news is, you can try out the new Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak for yourself at selected stores nationwide starting today, March 1, 2013. Don't forget to share your experience with friends and family. Post a photo on Facebook, Twitter (@iwantjollibee), or Instagram and use the hashtag #TheUltimateMeal. Enjoy! :)

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