Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Relaxing Afternoon at Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa

Like many females, I love seeing my fingernails and toenails look pretty. Unfortunately, it's not often that I get to have my nails done by professionals due to my busy schedule. I wish I could do it regularly but my hectic work load doesn't really permit me to do so.

Thankfully, I had a breather last Tuesday when a friend and I scheduled a visit to Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa's branch located at the corner of Tomas Morato and Timog Avenue in Quezon City. I love the place's ambiance! There's pink (one of my favorite colors) everywhere, the furniture are comfy and inviting, and the staff are very friendly. 

There, I got to meet the establishment's pretty and very accommodating owner, Cat Ilacad, who had us try their newest offering called Mango Mandarin Themed Service. It was delightful to see (and smell!) the almost-good-enough-to-eat concoctions that the attendants will be using on my hands, feet, and legs. 

My feet were first soaked in warm water sprinkled with Mango Salt before the foot spa. Next, the attendant used Mango Scrub to remove some dead skin. It's a good thing I'm no longer that ticklish when it comes to other people touching my feet (thanks to hubby who gives me foot rubs every now and then) or else I would be giggling like crazy :p

The Mango Mask was slathered and left on my feet and legs for several minutes before I my skin got moisturized with the Mango Lotion that looks like butter and smells delicious! 

Later, I fully got to appreciate the whole treatment when I felt how soft and smooth the skin on my feet and legs are. 

In the meantime, another attendant worked on my hands and fingernails. I like her light touch because I never felt any discomfort when she was trimming my nails and cuticles. Ask for Berna when you go to this Posh Nails branch. She's great at what she does :)

When it came to picking nail color, I went for a light shade of lavender. I'm no longer that adventurous unlike before when I'd go for bright fuchsia, dark brown, or maroon back when I was in college and during my early years working in an office. I'm quite happy with subtle colors these days. Let's see if I'll change my mind the next time I visit a nail spa again.  

The Mango Mandarin Suite comes with a refreshing glass of mango juice to quench your thirst and complete the scrumptious experience. The foot spa with pedicure is priced at P750 while hand spa with manicure costs P650. If you prefer the basic manicure, you just pay P150. This paraben-free and certified organic treatment is naturally hydrating and acts like an anti-oxidant as it has Argan oil from Morocco and fruit extracts. 

When you visit Posh Nails, make sure you're with a girl friend whom you can have fun chatting with while you both have your nails done. Ours was an afternoon made more fun with some catching up about our families and work. Here's wishing we could do it more often.    

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