Sunday, December 30, 2012

Light Up NUVALI: A Successful Year End Celebration

Before 2012 finally drew to a close, NUVALI, the Philippines' largest eco city held its annual year end celebration the evoliving way with Light Up NUVALI where hundreds of lanterns lit up the night sky in glorious splendor just a few hours ago.

This unique way of welcoming the new year started in 2011 and now came back with more activities for everyone. During the day, kids and kids-at-heart were taught arts and crafts lessons in making various items like New Year's resolution magnets or year-long reminders, time capsules, and eco noise makers using water bottles.

The highlight of the evening though was the lantern parade where my friends and I joined fellow members of the media, various stakeholders, online winners, and other participants release hundreds of wish lanterns into the tranquil NUVALI sky. 

This was done beside the infamous man-made lake where Koi fish abound. Releasing each lantern symbolized letting go of the previous year and wishing good fortune for the next. What's notable about this event is that NUVALI utilized specially-commissioned eco lanterns that will bring less harm to the environment and are eco-friendly alternatives to fireworks.

Sky lantern experts and fire marshals were present as people excitedly unfurled and lighted their lanterns. This is my third time to join this kind of activity and the thrill never gets old. It always bring out a good feeling when you get to release a lantern and a wish up into the night sky. I am thankful that the heavens remained clear and starry all throughout our stay.

To further lend a festive mood, LED poi dancers, drummers, and acoustic singers were also present to entertain the audiences. When a singer belted out the ubiquitous Gangnam Style song, several kids happily danced along in front of the stage and it was delightful watching them have fun.

NUVALI is a thriving eco-city by Ayala Land. It has a wide range of residential, retail, institutional, recreational, and commercial offerings woven into green buffer areas, ravine parks, tree nurseries, green homes, and sustainable infrastructure. This are is continuously being developed to be a regional growth hub not just in Laguna but in the entire CALABARZON area.

I always love visiting NUVALI for its beautiful sights, fresh air, and wide open spaces. I'm glad that I got to share this wonderful experience with my youngest son who tagged along and helped me fly our lantern. Here's hoping that we see many of our wishes for 2013 coming true in the next few months.

Have a great 2013 everyone and may your celebrations with the people closest to your hearts be always filled with happiness, hope, and love. Cheers!

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