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IYAZ and Other Music Artists to Perform in Eastwood City's 2013 New Year Countdown

If you're looking for somewhere to welcome the New Year at, head on to Eastwood City as Megaworld Lifestyle Malls brings supercharged musical performances to celebrate another year of Living the Good Life in the 2013 New Year Countdown on December 31 at the Eastwood Mall Open Park.

Music fans would have a lot to look forward to because renowned reggae hiphop artist IYAZ will be there to entertain and have fun with everyone. Earlier today, I and another friend from the media got a few minutes to interview the multi-platinum singer, songwriter, and rapper.

Like me, I'd guess most Filipinos learned about IYAZ when he sang Pyramid with the Philippines' very own Charice. But his loyal fans know that he burst into the music scene with the hit single Replay, followed by other hit tracks including Solo and Pretty Girls.

Me and Adjes of UNTV with IYAZ
Here's sharing with you what transpired during our Q&A:

Q: How hard was it for you to decide about being away from your family this coming New Year’s Eve?

A: It was kinda hard not being with them but they understood what was going on like I have huge fans out here who really love me and this wasn’t a last minute thing. This was planned months ago. The only thing I wish I could’ve done was to bring everybody out here but that would be a lot of us to bring here. But, definitely, I’m still happy to be here, second time around. And New Year, I heard it’s a big event out here and I’m happy to be with my Filipino family.

Q: Where have you already been in the Philippines? Any plans of touring other parts of the country?

A: I did Manila and I did Cebu. We actually discussed that last night and we should definitely have a tour here. Hopefully in 2013.

Q: Aside from Charice, are there other Filipino artists you’d like to collaborate with?

A: I don’t know much of them but if they’re anything like Charice, I’m done, I’m open, let’s make some music! Once you focused, once you love your craft, and you’re serious, I’m done for it. 

Q: How was it like working with Charice?

A: It was awesome! We actually recorded the song before I met her. So, it was recorded and everything. When I was doing my verse, they brought a laptop in and I was like, “Who’s this?” and it was Charice. I look down on the screen and she’s like, “Hi Iyaz!” and I was waving back to her. And then I met her at the video shoot and then we just clicked. You’d think we’d actually grew up together. We had fun, we were chillin’, she’s like my little sister. So I love her a lot.

Q: So far, what do you know about the Philippine audience.

A: First time around, what I saw, you guys have crazy energy. You guys know how to make an artist feel at home; like feel wanted, feel special so when they ask “What do you expect from the crowd?” I just expect you guys to do what you did the last time which is just be yourself, be open, be lovin’, have fun. That’s what it’s all about.

Q: When was the last time you’ve been here?

A: Earlier this year, in March. It was with Charice and we did two shows in Manila and Cebu. 

Q: What kind of show are we expecting on Monday night?

A: Oh, man! Energy, fun! That’s what it’s all about. I don’t look at it as a show. I’d look at it like, I’m here celebrating the countdown to 2013. This is the New Year, I’m bringing it in with no family so I don’t look at it as I’m just out there performing. I want interaction; I want you guys to sing with me; I want you guys to have fun. When I go 10, 9, 8 … I want you guys out there having fun with me. 

Q: How many songs will you be singing?

A: I think it’s 10 songs coz it’s 10 countdowns. So that’s what we’re gonna do, I think. It should be like 30, 40 minutes or so.

Q: Are you going to sing Pyramid?

A: Of course I am! 

Q: Who will be singing Charice’s part?

A: I don’t know! Maybe you should do it! (points to me with a big smile) I wish Charice was here to do it but I don’t know where she is. I might have to send out an SOS … (brandishes his cellphone). But we’re gonna have fun. I’m definitely excited and it’s gonna be in the open so let’s see what happens.

Q: Any future projects?

A: I’m working on new music, new album, new collaborations. I guess you guys want to see me on the big screen or more on TV so I’ll hit manager up and see if we can get some Denzel Washington on. Who knows, I’m open. I entertain, that’s my job. Music first, everything else after but we got new music and growth in the music and vocal range. Everything is out there so let’s see what happens in 2013.

Q: Do you make New Year’s resolutions?

A: My New Year’s resolution is to have a hit single by … January … 27. What do you think about that? Let’s see what happens. That’s my focus right now. I want a hit single whether it’s January, February or March, I don’t know. I’m gonna have a hit song and I’m coming back right over here. I’ll be happy doing that. Party!

Q: Do you interact with your fans on Facebook or Twitter?

A: Twitter. Facebook, not so much. Facebook is too crazy. That’s 2 million people. I can’t keep up with that right there. It’s not like on Twitter when you could … like everybody’s in this little box … So I definitely try to interact and put up pictures and all that. It’s cool.

 Other music artists to join IYAZ during the New Year Countdown are musical icon Ely Buendia, award-winning Filipino rock band Up Dharma Down, hiphop and R&B hit makers Urbanation, the all-girl rock group General Luna, and X-Factor Philippines finalist Mark Mabasa. The festivities will be hosted by Myx VJ Joyce Pring, Sam YG and Slick Rick from Boys Night Out.

Up Dharma Down
When midnight strikes, expect Eastwood City's skies to light up with a grand fireworks display right after the Dazzling Star Drop. This is an Eastwood tradition that started last year and is similar to the New York Times Square Ball Drop to mark the beginning of 2013.

General Luna
Kevin Tan, First Vice President and Commercial Division Head of Megaworld Corporation says this year's Countdown will be our biggest and brightest yet. "Party with international and local artists, be amazed by the glittering fireworks display, and be dazzled by the amazing Star Drop, our very own Eastwood New Year Tradition," he invites. "[So], kiss off 2012 and welcome 2013 here in Eastwood City."

The Countdown starts at 6PM on December 31 at the Eastwood Mall Open Park. This event was made possible through the help of The Richmonde Hotel, Emperador Brandy, The Philippine Star, Business World,, Monster Radio RX 93.1, Crossover 105.1 Manila, and Myx.

For inquiries and restaurant reservations, call the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge at 709-9888 or 0888, or log on to

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