Have a Hickory Holiday Treat with Wendy's BBQnator!

I love eating at Wendy's because they have some of my favorite fast food snacks: fresh salads, the best-tasting iced tea, yummy fries, baked potato with bacon bits, and my all-time preferred sandwich -- the Bacon Mushroom Melt

Of course, it's always nice to try new stuff and I'm glad to get some big bites the other day out of Wendy's latest product: the BBQnator, the only burger with 2 mouthwatering slabs of 100% beef patties, 6 chewy strips of bacon, 2 heavenly slices of cheese, smoky hickory barbecue sauce, and real onion rings

Huge is actually an understatement when I got to hold the heavily laden burger in my hands. You really have to "open wide" to take a good bite out of the BBQnator. Being a light eater, I didn't get to finish my sandwich and took home the other half for my youngest son who wolfed it down fast (I can always rely on my growing baby boy when it comes to finishing food! LOL)

The BBQnator can be shared between two friends if you also don't have a big appetite like me. However, the good news is, there's a smaller version! Order the Son of BBQnator instead and enjoy the same tummy-filling goodness as the big one.

You can order the BBQnator sandwich at P255 (solo) and P315 (combo with fries/onion rings and drink) and the Son of BBQnator at P156 (solo) and P198 (combo).

Get big-time satisfaction at Wendy's today!

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