Creamy Delight Pasteurized Yogurt Now in the Philippines

I come from a family of yogurt lovers. All of us, from my youngest son up to my husband, enjoy eating yogurt so we often buy several when we go grocery shopping. Personally, I love the strawberry-flavored ones as this is one of my favorite fruits.

I was glad to find out that a new kind of yogurt has been recently released in the Philippines. I got to taste the Thick & Creamy strawberry variant and liked it instantly. The yogurt is called Creamy Delight which is imported from Spain. It is made by Grupo Leche Pascual (GLP), the international dairy industry pioneer and leading Spanish yogurt manufacturer and brought to the country by Philippine beverage giant Asia Brewery Incorporated (ABI). This new joint food venture between the two industry leaders formed ABI Pascual Foods Company with focus for the Philippine market.

Tomas Pascual, President of GLP, explained that their heritage is making products that are healthy and satisfy the needs of their consumers worldwide. "We take great pride and invest heavily in the highest standards that we implement on a daily basis." He added that they are fortunate to have found a partner in ABI and that, "The Philippine market presents so many exciting opportunities for us."

"We have the same passion for consumers and the same desire to succeed," affirmed ABI Chief Operation Officer Michael Tan. "Now, delving into the yogurt market, we are re-energized and true to our mission of delivering great quality products available to all Filipinos. With Creamy Delight, we hope to lead a revolution advocating for more Filipinos to gain access to all the goodness of yogurt."

Creamy Delight provides Filipinos the Spanish yogurt experience with its distinct tasty and sweet combination. Having real fruit, the products are very affordable, ranging from P15 to P20 each. They are made using advanced technology that involves pasteurization which makes it possible for the yogurt to be kept even without refrigeration! Although best served cold, Creamy Delight will not only be available in the Supermarkets but can also be bought from Sari-Sari Stores.  

The pasteurization process preserves the yogurt's nutritional value, allows for non-refrigeration, and guarantees a longer shelf life of seven months. In addition, Creamy Delight is made from 100% fresh premium imported milk collected daily from the fresh 

The luscious yet healthy blend makes Creamy Delight a good source of calcium, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. A serving, in fact, is already equivalent to 2/3 glass of milk. Nutritionist Scientist-Consultant Dr. Trinidad P. Trinidad says Filipino families must have alternative food sources to help them meet their daily nutritional needs and enjoy the benefits of yogurt which include, "a healthy heart, strong immune system, normal weight, well-developed strong bones and teeth, and good digestion."

So, indulge and take pleasure in every spoonful of Creamy Delight. It is available in four variants: Flavors (PhP15), Thick & Creamy (PhP20), Yogikids (PhP19), and Non-Fat (PhP20).

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