Summit Media and KZone Launch Foldabots Toy Book 5 by Jomike Tejido

Launching a book for kids is not complete without fun activities. I accompanied my son to Powerbooks Greenbelt 4 yesterday so he can attend the launch of Foldabots Toy Book 5 created by Jomike Tejido.

The activity area was already quite full when we arrived. Lots of boys and girls were seated on the provided table and were already at work drawing their versions of the robots featured in the book. My son joined them and came up with a pretty good version of Saurotron despite the tight time sked (we were late!).

Next, the jovial host, who's wearing a foldabot costume no less, facilitated a trivia game about foldabots which several boys joined. I had no idea what they were talking about most of the time (LOL!) but it's impressive how many of the kids know the answers.

Later, all participants were given materials with which to create their own foldabot robots with. I could see many of the kids concentrating really hard so they could cut the pieces perfectly so these, in turn, could be made into a perfect robot.

The host also called out a different set of kids to join another game using cups. Yey, a girl won! 

Before everyone went home, Jomike Tejido, creator of Foldabots, signed the kids' books and gamely had his photo taken with them. 

I like the concept of Foldabots because it not only exercises a child's fine motor skills (when doing the cut-outs and assembling the robots), it also encourages imagination and creativity. Parents would also love the Filipino touch because the robots have names like Kalasag, Barena, Sungay, Pangil, etc. I hope this would pique the kids' curiosity enough to find out what the words mean because I'm sure very few of them do. 

Jomike Tejido's Foldabots Toy Book 5 features all new diadrones. The volume, which sells for P195, contains materials for building 16 robots and 4 combiners. They are like the Pinoy versions of Transformers because each cardboard robot can also be made into another form like an animal or a vehicle. 

So, if you have creative kids who are good with their hands, have them try assembling their own foldabots! Who knows, they might be the next Jomike Tejido several years from now :)

* If your kid joined this event, check out if I was able to take his/her picture. You can view more photos of this book launch here.

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