Tuesday, November 13, 2012


No matter how old we get, we should not outgrow drinking milk because we need the calcium and other nutrients it has to stay healthy. Unfortunately, kids and adults alike experience what is called Milk Taste Fatigue. This, according to NIDO FORTIFIED, happens as early as three years of age where children grow tired of the taste of milk and start looking for variety and new flavors.

Fortunately, companies like Nestle continue to look for ways to make it easier for parents to find products that can help support children's needs for growth and development. I got to attend the launching of NIDO FORTI-CHOCO and NIDO FORTI-MELON the other day and loved the two new flavors especially when served cold.

Ting Mercado
According to Ting Mercado, NIDO FORTIFIED's Brand Manager, NIDO FORTI-CHOCO and NIDO FORTI-MELON give kids the excitement they are looking for in taste and variety while assuring parents that their children are getting the nutrition that milk can provide. "NIDO FORTIFIED has always strived to be the parents' partner in raising healthy and happy children, and part of that mission is adapting to the changing needs and preferences of our consumers," shares Mercado who affirms that from their research and study, one of the causes why, starting at the age of three, children drink less milk was due to milk taste fatigue.

During the event held at Robot Zoo's Party Pod in SM Mall of Asia and hosted by self-confessed milk lover Suzi Entrata-Abrera, members of the media and loyal NIDO FORTIFIED parents, together with their children, were treated to an afternoon of fun and learning while we were introduced to the new flavors.  

Chef Tess Sutilo and Suzi Entrata-Abrera
Aside from the games prepared by the NIDO FORTIFIED team, we were also treated to a cooking demo by NESTLE PHILIPPINES Chef Tess Sutilo who made polvoron using the two new NIDO products. The polvoron were good! I'm sure other moms and kids would love them too.

The afternoon was indeed a celebration of NIDO FORTIFIED's milestone in its long and trusted history. The latest products NIDO FORTI-CHOCO and NIDO FORTI-MELON answers the need of parents to provide our children with essential nutrition. The two new flavors are a welcome addition that allows for more enjoyment, creativity, and variety.

Make milk-drinking more enjoyable by serving NIDO FORTI-CHOCO and NIDO FORTI-MELON to your kids. Look for them in all leading supermarkets nationwide. 

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