Friday, October 05, 2012

Bonding With Family Over Angel's Pizza & Pasta

One of the things we love doing as a family is eating meals together. Whether it's simple meryenda or a full-course meal, the time spent sharing stories over food is always a good bonding moment.

Thus, I quite regret it that I wasn't home (ate dinner during a coverage) when hubby and the kids had a huge BBQ-flavored Angel's Pizza delivered last night complete with lasagna and chicken wings. 

Since the pizza is in big family size, the slices are really huge! Thoughtful guys they are, my boys saved a few slices for me, one of which I ate as my midnight snack while working on my deadlines. What's great about Angel's pizza is that you just have to heat a slice in toaster oven and it stays delicious! 

I love that customers have a lot of choices when it comes to mixing and matching Angel's food items depending on their group size and preferences. 

My youngest son is celebrating his birthday today but since it's a school day, we'll just have our usual intimate family birthday dinner on Sunday. We're planning on having Angel's Pizza and Pasta Combo delivered again because the last batch really had all of us craving for more. 

For contests, promos and other info, like Angel's Pizza on Facebook. Their delivery hotline is 922-2222 and they have branches are located in Kalayaan Q.C., Makati, Eton Cyberpod, Granada Q.C., Fairview, Malate, Paranaque, and Recto.

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