Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Unwind and Recharge with Big Apple Express Spa

Do you also have days when you'd suddenly feel really tired physically with aches manifesting out of nowhere in different parts of your body? I have and it's not amusing. Most of the time, I get these pains on my right shoulder (which I know are caused by my heavy everyday bags) and in my lower back.

What I mostly do is grit my teeth and get on with my day hoping that a good night's sleep and a tablet of Ibuprofen would do the trick. Sometimes though, these are not enough and I'd really have to find time to schedule a whole body massage which is not so easy to do given my hectic schedule.

And then we discovered Big Apple Express Spa (BAES)! Hubby and I were in Market! Market! the other day to meet a friend we haven't seen for a long time. She recommended we check out Big Apple located at the fourth level. We found out that you can have quick massages there that can range from 5 minutes to an hour. It was a good thing we got there around 4PM because we were quickly accommodated. We were told that customer traffic becomes heavy by 5 or 6PM.

Hubby chose the Brazilian Deep Tissue massage while I went for Balinese. I desperately needed to have my shoulders and back massaged. We were led to separate rooms but they opened the divider so it looked like a couple's room :) The attendants were very considerate and regularly checked if they're applying the right amount of pressure. One hour after, I felt refreshed and energized, ready to tackle my pending writing deadlines anew. Hubby said he also liked the massage he chose. 

We got to talk to one of the owners, Ms. Roselin Pagunsan, and discovered that BAES has actually been operating since October 2005. Their pilot branch, located at Robinsons Galleria, was an instant hit to the mall-going public because of  its revolutionary concept of bringing the convenience and quality service of a destination spa at affordable prices. I think we would have discovered them earlier if there's a branch in one of the malls here in Alabang. 

With cost control and strategic placement, coupled with a global cosmopolitan theme, Big Apple has paved the way to bringing the spa lifestyle accessible to everyone. With a phenomenal growth rate of 500% per year, at the moment, BAES now has branches around Metro Manila and Luzon and they welcome more franchise inquiries.  

In case you're interested, email them at or call (02) 3810027. Visit their website at and Like their official Facebook page to be updated of new promos.

Speaking of promos, they have one now called Daily Servings (see photos above). Visit one of their branches and ask for this set of coupons which you can use from September 16 to December 15, 2012 so you can say Hello to wellness and Goodbye to stress! :)

Hmmm, I wonder if the thousands of runners who race within the Bonifacio Global City area week after week already know about Big Apple Express Spa? The Market! Market! branch is very accessible to them after a tiring run. Just a thought.

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