Saturday, August 04, 2012

Manna Cafe is Now Serving Delicious Breads in BF Homes Paranaque

I seldom go to BF Paranaque but when I do, it seems that the agenda is always about food :) Having friends in the area who also love to eat is motivation enough to take a quick trip to discover new offerings.

Manna Cafe opens in BF
Last Monday, hubby and I, and our friend Kei, were invited by Ms. Rosemarie Rafael to the official opening of Manna Cafe. It was a lovely place where you can have an intimate meal with friends and loved ones. The atmosphere is very warm and the staff are very friendly.

Ms. Rosemarie Rafael (left) and her husband Pastor Joey beside her
We got to try some of the dishes you can order when you visit them for lunch, dinner, or merienda. I love the salad and their special kind of dressing, strawberry-flavored I think, if I remember it right. It was so good that I went for a second serving -- as "dessert" after I've tried almost everything else. Salad addict? That's me! :p

make your own salad

There were lots of breads and sandwiches on the buffet table and it was hard to choose which ones to try first because everything tasted good! I think I'd have to come back and order them one at a time to fully appreciate all the burst of flavors. 

yummy breads
I should mention that I love the creaminess of the mashed potato which went very well with the tasty slices of beef with gravy.  

perfect combination: mashed potato and beef with gravy
Then there are the refreshing drinks that came in four different flavors. My new friend Sandra, Kei, and I loved the Green Tea with Lychee very much. If I didn't have to try the other flavors, I might have drank three or more glasses of that!

refreshing drinks
with Sandra (second from left), her daughter, and Kei (far right)
Oh, and let's not forget dessert! Chocolate lovers that they are, Kei and Sandra were raving about the Panna Cotta while I found myself having several pieces of the flaky and delicious Baklava and finished off a bowl of Tiramisu. Don't you just love how these yummy sweets are presented?! 

chocolate panna cotta
tiramisu bowls
Later on in the program, we got to meet the chefs who baked the wonderfully-smelling breads. 

hands that bake
I didn't get to jot down the prices of the breads being sold at the front of the bakery (it's in a separate structure) but I plan on visiting the place again soon so my family and I could try more of the cafe's many offerings.

freshly baked breads
Manna Cafe is located at 289 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Paranaque with Tel. No. (02) 852-7351

* Please visit this Facebook album for more photos of the grand opening.

Edit - Sept. 24: Be updated with Manna Cafe's promos and tasty treats by liking the Manna Bakery & Cafe Official Fan Page on Facebook :)

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