Friday, July 20, 2012

YOUnique CONference: Understanding Others by Understanding You

The other day, I bumped into Randell Tiongson, a life and personal finance coach, in an event. He told me about an upcoming conference on DISC Profiling, something I heard about for the first time. He explained that it is a program handled by Jayson Lo that helps people understand the uniqueness of people, how to deal with them, and how to also understand oneself.

In his blog, Randell shared that the biggest take away value he got from attending the program was how he was able to improve on his relationships with others and that he highly recommends I attend the YOUnique CONference that's happening on July 27.

I became more curious when I found out who the speakers are. Aside from Carlo Ople and Dennis Sy who are known for giving talks, I thought how interesting it would be to hear what singers Acel Van Ommen and Richard Poon have to teach attendees. I plan to find out for myself next week! :)

Read more about what to expect from, and why you should attend, the YOUnique CONference in Jayson Lo's blog. If you want to try your luck in winning a free entrance ticket (worth P1,200) to the event, check out Randell's blog post and join his giveaway!

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