Monday, July 23, 2012

SM Toon Fest Brings Well-Loved Characters to K-Pop Fashion

K-Pop fashion is everywhere! This year, SM Department Store injects their character apparel with the glitzy, glam, funky, and spunky looks inspired by the electrifying excitement of Korean style dynamics to elevate kids' fashion choices while keeping things colorful and fun.

Check out kiddie favorites like Garfield, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, and Barbie clothing that are highlighted by bright colors and bold patterns which showcase this season's new collections.

Ms. Jo Dy Juanco, VP for SM Children's Fashion, acknowledges that kids today are a lot more conscious of what's "in" and get fashion ideas from their idols. "These days, they draw inspiration from K-Pop stars and want to dress just like them."

The SM Toon Fest collection is available in all SM Department Stores nationwide. It features trendy apparel emblazoned with the familiar faces and logos of kids' favorite licensed characters such as Hello Kitty, Robby Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, and Marvel Superheroes like Spider-Man. Old favorites like the Disney Princesses, Disney Fairies, and the Sesame Street gang also have their own quirky-yet-stylish collections.

Big and small girls will enjoy SM Toon Fest’s wide range of choices, from Winnie the Pooh’s colorful 70’s disco party girl polka dots and stripes, to Betty Boop’s posh, classic pieces with modern tweaks. Boys, on the other hand, can dazzle with a combination of preppy and urban street clothing elements from Garfield, Cars, and Snoopy. Kids are going to have a blast mixing and matching ensemble pieces to create their own signature K-Pop-inspired looks with the help of their favorite toons!

Parents with talented kids aged 2 to 14 are encouraged to have their children join SM Toon Fest's Search for the K- Pop Rising Star. It is a song, dance, and lip-synch competition for boys, girls, and groups who want to let their inner superstars shine in the spotlight and win the P100,000 grand prize.

Know more about the contest by logging on to and liking on Facebook.

*Photos used in this blog post were taken during the SM Toon Fest launch and fashion show. Check out more pictures here.

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