Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nido Treats Mothers to a Wonderful Mom's Day Out

Even before Sharon Cuneta and her daughter Frankie sang Nido Fortified's jingle "You're My Number One," I remember seeing an older commercial years ago where the lyrics went, "Look at me, son, you are number one" and then the kid answers back, "Look at me, mom, you are number one."

Indeed, more often than not, it's the mothers who take the top spot in children's affections. After all, we do play a big role in their lives and it's very important that we fulfill our responsibilities to the best of our abilities. Nido recognizes this and gifted several ladies (including me) to a pampering afternoon with a Mom's Day Out surprise last Friday.

We were first treated to lunch at the very cozy Cafe Juanita located in BGC's Burgos Circle. I love, love the homey and eclectic decor! The chairs and lamps are draped with uniquely designed fabrics while various knickknacks are displayed in strategic parts of the interior.

The food they served us were also really good. I don't know the name of the appetizer that has mangoes with crispy mahu on top but it is delicious! I am definitely going back to Cafe Juanita specifically for that dish! We also had kare-kare with cute knotted pieces of sitaw, caldereta, a very artisticaly presented adobo, and Pinoy ratatouille.

For dessert, I shared creamy and delicious leche flan plus delectable sansrival with fellow moms Kaye and Des. Lunch was a lively affair because we all seem not to run out of stories to share! After all, just put two women or more at a table and you'll have chat sessions flying around in no time!

To my delight, I learned recipe secrets and tips from Dr. Lilian Juadiong, a child psychologist from UP Diliman, plus exchanged parenting stuff from representatives of EON and of Nestle Philippines including Ms. Au Alipao, whose name I instantly recognized because I regularly receive newsletters signed by this lady from The Nestle Club. It was nice to have finally met her.

We left Cafe Juanita to transfer to another building just a hop and skip away where Manos Nail Lounge is located. We were greeted by friendly staff who led us inside a beautifully-decorated room with very inviting chairs and foot rests. Up there on one wall (see topmost photo) was another nice touch to an already awesome day.

Long story short, all the ladies had relaxing foot spas before having the nails on our hands and feet done coupled with light massages from the attendants. All the while, my friend Kaye and I were able to catch up on each other's lives after not seeing each other for quite a while. We moreover enjoyed a glass of iced tea (for Kaye) and a mug of warm ginger tea (for me) as we sat back and relaxed while our nails got some lovin'.

If you need some pampering done, go to Manos with a friend or two. I'm sure you will enjoy your time there as we did. For moms with small daughters, the establishment offers what it calls Las Manitas or manicure for kids aged 13 and below. Plan to have some bonding time with your little girl there! You will both love it!

For more information about Nido Fortified and other Nestle products, please visit the Nestle website. For the complete list of services and products offered at Manos, check out their website, Like their Facebook page, and Follow them on Twitter.

* To see more photos of Cafe Juanita's food and decor as well as Manos' interiors, please visit the Mom's Day Out by Nido album in this blog's Facebook fan page.

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