Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kroketten: Fun and Healthy Potato Dutch Snacks

It's very seldom that I get to meet people who don't like French fries, potato chips, mashed potato, or potato salad. Personally, I'm a big fan of baked potatoes especially when it's got lots of bacon bits and melted cheese on top :D

Aside from rice, I'd say another type of carb Filipinos like to eat would have to be potatoes. We love them mashed, fried, or included in salads and soups. And since snacking on potatoes seem to be the past time of many, a company brought in one of Netherland's favorite snacks to the Philippines. Kroketten, a unique variety of potato snacks, means a little round ball in Dutch.

According to Kroketten president/owner Maribel Bosch, Kroketten is one of the best ways to enjoy potatoes. "[They are] crunchy, filled with cheese and meat, [and] deep fried in healthy corn oil." Kroketten, which now has 12 branches, has been reported to garner positive responses from customers since they started operations in the fourth quarter of last year.

Bosch, a former hotelier boasting a vast exposure to the best cuisines of the world, is an expert in the kitchen and has discerning taste buds.  Having been based overseas with her husband and kids, she discovered that croquettes deserve to be in the Philippines for its simple and delicious taste which she thought will appeal to all levels of people. True enough, her intuition paid off as Kroketten is growing and is now trending in Manila.

For P35 per order, Kroketten offers three varieties: Original Kroket, the original oblong shape with ground beef, chicken, and cheese; Kroketballen, by far Filipinos’ most favorite and has three pieces of crunchy potato balls which come with dips; and the Miniballen, the bite sized potato balls considered best for sharing.

The miniballen’s assorted flavors made them very popular.  They come in cheese, chicken, beef, bacon, hotdog, longganisa, pork adobo, mango, and tuyo flakes which offer exciting tastes especially when paired with one of the tasty dips. Customers can order five pieces of miniballen for P20 or four pieces with a 6.5 oz fresh fruit drink for P35.

These healthy snacks are said to last for days if stored properly and will have the same great taste when properly reheated. Thus, it's possible bring home Kroketten to be eaten a few days' later.

The fruit juices served at Kroketten are made of natural fruit juices minus the white sugar with no preservatives, branded exclusively by Vers En Snel, a Dutch word that means fresh and fast. It has two signature thirst quenchers -- One is a certified health booster made of mango and guyabano, the Nutri 10 while the other one is made of succulent combo of strawberry and passion fruit called Revita 10. "If one needs an immediate vitamin boost, we recommend the Nutri 10. But if you’re feeling tired and heavy, our Revita 10 gives an instant uplift," suggests Bosch.

Confident about the potential of the product, the company is also open for franchise for a total investment price of P195,000 (vat exclusive).

Kroketten is located in the following venues: Mall of Asia, Festival Mall Alabang, Albang Town Center, GT Tower Makati, Market! Market!, Starmall Edsa Shaw, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Metro East, SM North Edsa, and SM Lipa Batangas. For inquiries on franchising, please call (632) 822-5711 or 09178596623.

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