Filipino Fashion Designer Francis Libiran Designs Couture for America's Next Top Model: British Invasion

It's always a cause for celebration whenever a fellow Filipino's talents gets to be showcased in the international arena. After host Tyra Banks wore clothes crafted by Rajo Laurel in a recent ANTM: British Invasion episode, his fellow gifted fashion designer, Francis Libiran, also gets featured in another highly-anticipated episode that aired April 30th on the ETC channel.

I was invited to the viewing party held in Seventh High at the BGC last Monday night. Of course, the guests eagerly anticipated what kinds of clothes Francis would be designing for the show's hopefuls.

The sleeves are made of Hello Kitty band aids!

I was very impressed to see how he fashioned couture clothes from --- Hello Kitty items! From small items like ball pens and band aids to huge ones such as stuffed toys and metal lunch boxes, Francis was able to incorporate all those into one-of-a-kind dresses that many of the models were able to wear very well.

This dress is said to weigh around 40 lbs!

The show introduced Francis by showing photos of him and of Anne Curtis wearing his creations. Everything is soooo gorgeous and was modeled really well by Anne. The room, as expected, was all abuzz when the clips were shown. 

It was indeed another proud moment for the Philippines. Congratulations Mr. Libiran! :) 

Catch ANTM: British Invasion every Monday night at 8PM on the ETC channel.

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