Fersal Hotel: Providing Comfort and Convenience

I am not fond of attending events where the venue is quite far from my home in Alabang, especially if the call time is really, really early. When my friend Rod Magaru asked me to attend iBlog8 in UP Diliman  last week because he's one of the hosts, I hesitated because we have to be there by 8am and that means I'd need to leave home around 6am to avoid the traffic all the way to Quezon City.

Inside Room 301, messed up one bed before remembering to take pics LOL
Another friend found a good solution. He got us discounted rooms at Fersal Hotel's Malakas Branch. It's just behind the Philippine Heart Center and a few minutes' walk from the corner of East Ave. Q.C. I no longer have a reason to say no. I'm sure I'll get to have a good night's rest the night before the event like I did when my friends and I went up to Baguio to catch the Panagbenga Festival a few months ago and stayed in Hotel Elizabeth.

And so I arrived in QC around 3PM on Wednesday afternoon to check in. My friends came one after the other later. I had a whole room to myself and loved lying down on the cool, crisp sheets. Since there are two beds, my laptop and other stuff "slept" on one :p The room is spacious; it has a personal ref, safe, roomy desk, extra chairs, clean bathroom, and an electric kettle where you can boil water for coffee or tea.

Although I missed hubby and the kids, I used my alone time to catch up on lots of writing deadlines and got to finish several. Thankfully, Fersal provides free WiFi access to guests. 

Early the next morning, we availed of the free and tummy-filling breakfast at Inn Cafe. Since I was given two stubs, the guys took care of the extra food :p

After eating, we took a quick taxi ride to Malcolm Hall in UP Diliman and arrived there before 8AM, well-rested and ready to face the day's activities. Mission accomplished! :)

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