Appreciate Coffee More with the Philips Saeco Xelsis

I first encountered Saeco coffee machines back in 2009. You can read my blog post about it here. Recently, I found out that the name has evolved into Philips Saeco, a brand which known for its premium range of espresso machines. 

It was nice to be part of Philips Saeco's Coffee Appreciation Day held at Sweet Bella in Burgos Circle, BGC last week. The venue was very cozy and the food served perfectly complemented the beverages we got to try. 

Precious Hernandez, Business Development Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle, said they know how much Filipinos love coffee and that there are those who go for only the first, most flavorful, and aromatic espressos. "With this line of automatic espresso machines from world-renowned Philips Saeco, consumers can now prepare a wide variety of coffee specialties from bean to cup, with just the touch of a button."

She adds that the espresso machines follow a rich Italian heritage from Saeco as the company that invented the automatic espresso machine. It is actually the first brand to be certified for its quality espresso and cappuccino by the prestigious Italian consumer group Centro Studi Assaggiatori - Italian Tasters. This group is the most advanced Italian consultancy company that deals with sensory analysis. Philips Saeco got the certification for adopting a careful and dedicated internal process focused on respecting the Espresso Perfetto's sensory parameters. How's that for high-tech cofee-making?!

For those who are wondering, one of Philips Saeco's most acclaimed products is the the Xelsis Automatic Espresso Machine which has a wide array of intelligent features. Among these is the patented Philips Saeco Brewing System that allows coffee lovers to adjust their espresso's intensity by altering the crema and body structure as the beverage is dispensed. 

In addition, there's the Bean-to-Cup Customization that allows six users to personalize up to nine different beverages per user profile! This means you can adjust coffee length, intensity, temperature, crema, and body structure according to your preferences. Once adjustments are made, you can have the same coffee blend automatically from then on with just a push of a button. Plus, you can adjust and select the level of froth you would like for your drink because the machine comes with an intelligent milk froth adjustment system. 

During the Coffee Appreciation Day, we got to hear from renowned coffee connoisseur Manny Torrejon of the non-stock, non-profit Philippine Coffee Board, Inc. on the art of preparing coffee, selecting the right beans, and more.

"We all know that great coffee can only come from brewing it with freshly ground beans," he affirmed. "And from my own experience, Philips Saeco Espresso Machines offer excellent tasting espresso from bean to cup. [The] line makes preparing different coffee specialties very easy as well."

I was also impressed to see for myself how easy it is to clean the Xelsis. It has automatic cleaning and de-scaling cycles and refilling beans and water or emptying the coffee-dump box and drip tray won't be a problem because all compartments are easily detachable. The brewing group, which is the heart of every automatic espresso machine, can also be easily removed, rinsed, and re-inserted with ease.

Hernandez added that consumers are always assured of getting the best tasting coffee in the comfort of their homes as if a barista prepared it for them. 

Aside from the Xelsis, Philips Saeco has other models including the Intelia and Royal which are part of its wide range of machines that likewise feature bean-to-cup preparation and cater to different needs and lifestyles.

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