Sunday, April 01, 2012

Exciting New Scents from Zen Zest this Summer!

I've been using Zen Zest products for years and, I must admit, the brand keeps on surprising me by coming up with great products that I usually come to love.

Some of the very first ones I tried were the Sparkling Sugar Collection back in 2009. Up to now, I still use the Watermelon Sorbet variant because of its very yummy scent I never get tired of sniffing. 

I also love Zen Zest's room and linen sprays particularly those in the Tim Yap Collection that are playfully called "Nothing Happened Here" and "Something's Gonna Happen Here" respectively. (You can read my old blog post about the product launch here.)

In addition, I continue to use the complete set of Zen Zest's Foot Care products (soak, scrub, lotion, and spray) with the pepperminty feel. (I tried digging through old blog posts and found my a review I wrote back in 2007!) Try those on your feet at the end of a tiring day and see how refreshing it is. 

Another set of Zen Zest products I love using is the Talc line. I really enjoy being in a cloud of fragrance after bathing with the body scrub and applying the lotion before spritzing on the body spray. Talk about a heavenly smell that lasts for hours! 

Women know that putting on the right scent always puts us in a better frame of mind. It not only adds confidence but a certain lift to our disposition. I agree with a lot of ladies that perfume contributes to one's mood and that it has the power to invoke certain thoughts and feelings. I'd bet there are certain scents that can also make you remember a particular person or moment in the past. I do, a lot of times!

What's makes Zen Zest great is that you don't need to shell out a lot of moolah just to be able to smell as gorgeous as you want to. Walk in a cloud of fragrance every hour of the day with the brand's fast-selling line of Eau de Toilette (EDT) sprays that are, hands-down, easy on the pocket and so worth your money.

The EDTs are formulated with a concentration of 12% fragrance oil which will keep you smelling great for up to six hours. What's more, each fragrance has a unique scent that definitely stands out. With so many variants now available to choose from, it's actually hard to decide which ones to buy!

Me (rightmost) with Nana Nadal (left) and Michelle Fontelera (center)
In case you don't know, Zen Zest is the brainchild of Michelle Asence-Fontelera, a lady who has been collecting perfumes since she was eight! Eleven years ago, she started a business that has grown to be the well-known brand it is today. The secret to Zen Zest's success is that while they are locally concocted, the products' formulations follow global standards with quality at par with international signature brands. 

With the EDT, for instance, all components are imported: the oil is from France, the alcohol is from the USA, and the bottles come from Germany. It is hypoallergenic and non-irritating. It contains aloe-vera extract so as not to dry the skin. Users won't need to worry about leaving stains on clothes either.

One thing you will notice with all Zen Zest products is that the packaging looks very stylish and not something you'd be ashamed to be seen using.

I love how nice-sounding the EDT names are and found out that Michelle got them from the range of hues found in the big, 72-piece box of Crayola. A wide array of variants are available for both men (Aquamarine, Bullet, Celadon, Cobalt, Periwinkle, Teal, and Turquoise) and women (Indigo, Magenta, Marigold, Mulberry, Scarlet, Tangerine, and Thistle) with a scent for every personality and occasion. I love the Indigo and Tangerine scents! My husband uses Bullet.

This April, stay tuned for four new scents to look forward to. There would be Silver, Black, and Blue for men and Coral for women. I've smelled them all and found Coral really lovely. If you want to read the descriptions for all 18 EDT scents, click here.

How much is a bottle? The 50-ml EDT retails for only P200.00 and is available in any of Zen Zest's one hundred plus outlets nationwide. Indulge and enjoy! :)

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