Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Something Did Happen ;-)

Last night, I was invited to ZenZest’s Tim Yap After Party Scents product launch by my friend and colleague Claire, the PR lady of Michelle Asence’s fragrances empire. The party was held at Essences Rustans in Makati.

I arrived earlier than Claire and was instantly awed when Gretchen Barretto appeared. She looked lovely in person and graciously posed for pictures with people who wanted to have their pictures taken with her. Unfortunately, as star-struck as I was, I didn’t get to have a photo taken with her because I had no one to hold my camera phone for me. Darn!

Still, I enjoyed myself a lot because I got to meet a fellow blogger and mom, had a nice chat with someone who co-owns an advertising agency and had fun posing for pictures with Claire’s young and vibrant student assistants, Irene and Faye. We even got to have our photos taken with Tim Yap and Phoemela Barranda who arrived later.

During the short program, after Michelle introduced the products, Tim took the stage and explained about the scents whose creation was inspired by him. He was very engaging and made the audience laugh with his funny anecdotes.

I love the smell of both scents’ and their names! The room spray is called “Nothing Happened Here” while the linen spray was christened “Something’s Gonna Happen Here.” How’s that for uniqueness? The two bottles are packaged in a nice box designed like a gold bar. And of course I got to bring home a sample of each. Yey!

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