SYKES Scholars Bid High School Goodbye

It seems fitting that the day I attended the SYKES Cares event was also the day a write up of mine was posted by my editor in the Smart Super Women website. My article, entitled Every Child's Birthright, talks about the importance of education and why my husband and I are trying our best to put our kids through school and why we sponsor children through World Vision Philippines.

When my friend Cathie invited me to her company's event, I said yes because advocating for education is close to my heart. I was very glad to know that SYKES Cares, the philanthropy arm of SYKES, has been supporting scholars for a high school program since 2007. What's pleasantly surprising was that the 45 students attended night classes for the past five years to get their high school diplomas. Now that is perseverance! 

Jennifer Abella, Branding & Communication Manager of SYKES shared how truly inspired they are by the dedication of the students to finish high school despite the challenges they face, "That is why we are committed to helping htme every step of the way to achieve their goal." SYKES partnered with Springboard Foundation and A Better Chance Foundation in sponsoring the secondary education of 45 young people in Siena College Taytay and Quezon City.

Now, five years later,  all their hard work has paid off. The entire batch will be graduating this March! And to celebrate this huge milestone in their young lives, SYKES thoughtfully treated the students to dinner at Stackers Burger in Resorts World Manila before watching the acclaimed Sound of Music performance. It was rewarding to see the joy and excitement in each of those young faces as they experienced a fulfilling and unforgettable night. 

Joining the bonding moments was Fred King, SYKES' Senior Director of Regional IT, APAC, who left the teenagers with an inspiring message, "Your SYKES Care family is proud of your achievement.We know the future is bright for you. As you brave the real world, we ask nothing but this: One day, make a difference in a child's life, the way we made a difference in yours." Those are such beautiful words! I hope all the kids remember that as they continue their journey towards more success in the future.

SYKES Cares is of the belief that every child has a right to quality education and for the past five years has been tirelessly working towards this vision. "Seeing these kids finish school and knowing that they are ready to face the world is truly gratifying," described Abella. "It affirms our belief that what we do makes a difference. We will continue to support this cause. We hope to build a better future by helping one child at a time."

* SYKES is officially recognized as a pioneer in the industry and is consistently ranked among the top call centers in the country. It has over 14,000 employees deployed in 8 sites in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

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