Robin Padilla is the New Face of MoneyGram

Cash plays a big role in economies around the world including the finances of individual families. In the Philippines, where Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) originate, many residents rely on remittances sent by their loved ones who are working abroad. According to Nick Cunnew, VP of MoneyGram in Asia Pacific, the Philippines is now the fourth largest remittance-receive nation in the world . Thus, it's very important that money is received by the right person at the fastest possible time, every time.

This year, MoneyGram International launches the Moneygrado campaign, the company's answer to what their clients need -- to make sure or "manigurado" that their money goes to where it should and when it should be there. The leading global money transfer company has geared up its operations and expanded its presence in the Philippines to address the growing remittance market. 

MoneyGram has a global network of 267,000 agent locations -- including retailers, international post offices, and financial institutions -- in 192 countries around the world. It is internationally recognized and continues to grow rapidly with 9000 agent locations in the Philippines, making it the single largest network remittance company in the country.

Aside from direct/walk-in cash transactions and home deliveries, MoneyGram tied-up with 20 major banks (like Banco de Oro and Metrobank) and well-known financial establishments (like M. Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier and Peragram) to provide clients the convenient option of transferring funds directly into the receivers' bank accounts or ATM cards, and transferring money online or via mobile phones.

Yesterday, MoneyGram introduced Robin Padilla as its brand ambassador to members of the media. When asked why they chose Robin, the executives pointed out that the well-known actor has mass appeal among Filipinos; is a symbol of hope and second chances; is a credible voice in advocating for products that have a broad target market; and helps strengthen MoneyGram's brand awareness among his devoted followers.

Juan Agualimpia, EVP and CEO, affirms that Robin, "talks straight and people believe him. And when he takes on a project, he's really committed." 

"I find him a very humble individual. He's also very concerned about the plight of the seafarers," Cunnew revealed. "He understands and has an awareness of what OFWs go through."

Robin, on the other hand, shared that he is a veteran of money transfers as he has been sending money through the years to his ex-wife and children who are in another country. "Ang pera ko, palabas. Ngayon, gusto kong maging daan para magpasok naman ng pera sa bansa," he expressed adding it is a blessing for him to be a part of MoneyGram because he believes that it is very important that the money OFWs work hard for are received by their loved ones on time.   

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