Sunday, March 25, 2012

Detoxify and Indulge in Some "Me-Time" at Zenyu Ecospa

Many of us are already familiar with the terms free radicals, toxins, pollution, etc. which are generally harmful to the body. More and more, we get exposed to these kinds of elements without knowing exactly how to get rid of them. 

Discover a new treatment that involves negative ion. I had the privilege of trying out Zenyu Ecospa's negative ion hot bed which is said to have healing components. This originated from Ecoparadise Japan where they recognized the power of nature in studies on negative ions. According to their researchers, a clean and fresh environment means there is balance with the electrical charges of the soil and the environment.

What does this mean? A balanced environment is free of bacteria and viruses. As the concrete jungle (a.k.a. cities) continues to expand, it displaces the symbiotic relationship of soil and air therefore spreading more positive ions and free radicals in the environment. Simply put, positive ions are harmful to the body's immune system because they allow bacteria and viruses in. On the other hand, free radicals are found out to cause degenerative diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

As such, Ecoparadise Japan formulated a deoxidizing solution that they included in materials like plastics, paints, wax, bricks, tiles, and other materials to mimic the bounty of nature and produce negative ions. These materials are what were used in Zenyu Ecospa's negative ion hot bed treatment room. Someday, I'd love to live in a bacteria-free home that's also made with these kinds of materials!

Prior to trying out the hot bed, I underwent a simple screening where a machine, called a capillariscope,  checked the capillaries near the nail of my ring finger. I saw on the screen how my blood flow became faster when a cloth fiber, infused with deoxidizing solution, was placed on top of my hand. Impressive! 

To further show us how effective the deoxiding solution is, we checked out a display where 7-month old food products had crystallized but did not decompose. They are contained in a box painted with the same paint used in the spa and Hotel H2O where Zenyu is located.

What's amazing about the hot bed was that, despite the pints of sweat my body produced inside the room, I came out of it without any sticky feeling and no unpleasant smell. We were told that it is even advisable not to take a shower after to fully enjoy the healing benefits. So I didn't and continued to feel refreshed the rest of the day.  

When you visit Zenyu Ecospa, make sure you take a dip in the fish spa jacuzzi where tiny fish will clean  dead skin cells off your body. It was designed for people to dip their whole body in but the experience was so ticklish (you should have heard us giggle and scream like kids!), I just opted to submerge my legs and feet instead. Still, it took a while to psyche myself that the fish mean no harm :p

You can also avail of specialty massages at Zenyu Ecospa priced at P700 while the 30-minute hotbed costs P400 and fish spa jacuzzi comes free. 

I also got to see various products infused with the deoxidizing solution. Some of them are plastic containers where you can make homemade yogurt and fruit enzyme drinks in. One of the staff had us try some and they tasted good! Another interesting product is the Pirikare multipurpose powder made of soya bean. It is so versatile that you can use it for bathing, brushing your teeth with, cleaning the car, washing the dishes and clothes, and even as fertilizer! 

Check out these services and products at Zenyu Ecospa located inside Hotel H2O at the 3rd floor of the Manila Ocean Park complex. For inquiries, please call 2386190 or email You can also check them out on Facebook

* Photos borrowed from Zenyu Ecospa's Facebook page. My flash drive has gone bonkers and a lot of my photos taken this March had gone missing :(

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