Blog Giveaways: Signed Zia Quizon Debut Album & Slapshock's Kinse Kalibre CD (Winners Announced)

Edit, April 7: Please scroll down to find out who the winners are ...

I don't think there is a Filipino who doesn't love music. We're always either listening to or singing songs and, perhaps, playing musical instruments every day right? So here's another giveaway, this time for Zia Quizon and Slapshock fans courtesy of PolyEast Records :)

Last month, I got a chance to meet and hear Zia sing live. You can read all about it and more details about her CD here. I requested an extra copy of her self-titled debut CD from PolyEast and had it signed by Zia so I can share it with one of my readers.

Also last month, my eldest son reviewed Slapshock's Kinse Kalibre album and said it's something metalcore fans would like. You can read his review here. I also posted a press release entitled "Slapshock Reloads 15 year-old Career in Kinse Kalibre featuring the first single Ngayon Na" in my other blog. Check it out to know more about the band. Since my son already has his own copy, I'm giving away the still sealed one given to me. 

To win one of these CDs, please read and follow the mechanics:

1) Like the PolyEast Records and Write, Breathe, Live pages on Facebook so you can tag us later. 

2) Attach or copy-paste the link of this blog post ( as your Facebook status message and write:

"I’d like to win Zia Quizon's album from PolyEast Records (please tag the page) via Write, Breathe, Live (please tag the page)." 


"I’d like to win Slapshock's Kinse Kalibre album from PolyEast Records (please tag the page) via Write, Breathe, Live (please tag the page).”

Make sure the status is set to "Public" so it will appear in PolyEast's and WBL's pages. Philippine residents only please. Failure to comply with the mechanics won’t make your entry eligible for the giveaway. You may also tag Zia Quizon or Slapshock in your status message.

3) *If you want a double chance to win, follow PolyEast and follow me on Twitter and tweet me this message:

"@ruthfloresca I'd like to win a signed Zia Quizon CD from @PolyEastRecords via Write Breathe Live"


"@ruthfloresca I'd like to win a @slapshock CD from @PolyEastRecords via Write Breathe Live"

I'll include your name twice in the drawing.

4) Deadline of entries will be on 12MN of April 6. Winners will be chosen through an electronic draw via and announcement will be made on April 7 :) I'll send the CDs to the winners via courier as soon as I get their mailing addresses.

Game? :)

Edit, April 7: And the winners are:

Screenshot of random drawing via (just click to enlarge)

Congratulations to:
Charnell Timbangcaya for the signed Zia Quizon CD and
Kristan Noel Beato for the Slapshock Kinse Kalibre album (he's the only one who entered the Slapshock giveaway)

Please PM me (Ruth Floresca) via Facebook your mailing address so I can send you your CD next week. May I request that you take a photo of yourself and/or your prize and tag me or Write, Breathe, Live on Facebook so I'd know you received the item. Thank you very much for joining!

Stay tuned to more giveaways in the coming days! :)

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