Monday, January 09, 2012

Kris Aquino Finds "True Love" in San Marino Corned Tuna

Kris Aquino seems to be everywhere. She's in movies (remember Segunda Mano just last month?), talk shows, telenovelas, and different TV commercials. Her title "The Queen of all Media" fits her very well because Filipinos do take notice of whatever she says or endorses.

This 2012, she starts the year by announcing, "I finally found true love" which set people abuzz about who she is talking about. After all, her romantic relationships with all the drama involved has been well-publicized throughout the years so the statement was met with much interest and speculation. Kris moreover revealed that the relationship will affect her life positively.

Yesterday, this Director's Cut TV commercial was launched at The Buzz:

"My search is over,” she declares. “I found true love in San Marino.” It may not be the kind of news that a lot of people are expecting to hear but this kind of love story is definitely a relationship that also involves the heart.

Kris explains that true love is not limited to romantic relationships as it can also be found in things closest to one's heart. In her case, she affirms that true love is about her family and how she wants to live a full and healthy life so she can spend more time with them.

“I want to love more so I want to be healthy. I want to live long, especially for my kids,” says the youthful-looking mom. “It is with this that I am particular with the food I eat. I want to have a healthy heart.”

San Marino Corned Tuna, after all, has less oil than the usual tuna flakes in oil and has lots of tuna. "It has Omega-3 DHA which is good for the heart," shares Kris. Every 180-g can of San Marino Corned Tuna has 1,125 mg of Omega-3. Omega-3 DHA contributes to having a healthy heart as it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduces risks of heart attack and other cardio-vascular diseases.

Asked why the shift to San Marino Corned Tuna, Kris reveals, “I believe in San Marino and what it stands for – good health beyond appearance. I find it deeply satisfying. I won’t settle for anything less than San Marino.”

“What’s inside is truly more essential, especially when it comes to the food you eat. I like the taste of corned beef, but I also want something that will satisfy more of my nutritional needs. This is why I love San Marino Corned Tuna—it has the delicious taste of corned beef and the health benefits of tuna,” Kris says of her newfound true love.

“For me, it’s simply the best! I join the millions of Filipinos who choose the country’s number one corned tuna,” concludes the Queen of Talk.

* Reference for quotes came from a Manila Bulletin advertorial

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