Eugene Domingo Plays "The Other Woman" in My Househusband: Ikaw Na!

I've always liked watching Eugene Domingo on screen. She plays hilarious roles really well whether she's the lead star or part of the supporting cast. I saw her in Babae sa Septic Tank and her antics there really cracked me up. Her cameo in Zombadings was equally entertaining despite the few scenes she was in. 

When I watched the trailer of My Househusband: Ikaw Na! during the press con held last week at Kenny Rogers in Katipunan, I knew Uge would deliver an outstanding performance yet again. 

It was fun hearing her answer questions from the online media community. She replied with humor and candidly expressed her thoughts. She told us how glad she is to be working with Ryan Agoncillo because they were only together in one scene during the movie Kutob in 2005. Now, six years later, she plays BFF to Ryan's character and gets to be the other woman that Judy Ann Santos gets to be jealous of. 

Eugene said this movie is special to her for several reasons: playing a mistress is a first in her career; it is the first Ryan-Juday film as a married couple, Uge got to work again with Direk Joey Reyes who she considers one of her favorite directors, and the story is beyond assumptions made based on the title. "It will make you think about -- or make that, rethink -- the roles a man and a woman play in a marriage, the relationships between the opposite sex,  the importance of, and dynamics in, communication, and so on. Makatotohanan ang kwento ng pelikula at kung di n'yo man makita ang sarili niyo kay Mia, Rod, o Aida, ay may kakilala kayo na kahawig ng buhay nung tatlo," she explains.

She also believes that this Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry will showcase the metamorphosis of Ryan into a notable actor. "Si Juday, magaling na talagang aktor yan, dati pa, pero dito, humabol si Ryan dahil nga sa kanya ang title role ... Mark my words, Ryan in My Househusband' is a revelation!" enthuses Uge.

My Househusband: Ikaw Na! is the story of a married couple in a non-traditional set-up wherein the husband is the one who takes care of the house and the kids while the wife holds an office job to feed the family. Along the way, various situations happen to test this arrangement and the couple's relationship.

Direk Joey describes the film as neither comedy or drama but rather being 'about real life.' He affirmed, "Madami ng househusbands sa panahon ngayon who became one either by choice or circumstance -- at alin man sa dalawa ang dahilan ay hindi yun masama. In the film, we explored the intricacies of being in the shoes of the househusband as well as the working mother."

He invites audiences to watch out for the confrontation scene between Mia and Aida because, "Kakabugin nila si Anne Curtis at Christine Reyes!" 

Like Eugene, Direk Joey is all praises for Ryan and Juday who, he illustrates, were able to apply their real lives as parents to their characters in the movie. "It's very real and we get the work done faster kasi nga natural na lang sa kanilang dalawa yung role."

*My Househusband: Ikaw Na!" is produced by OctoArts Films as their entry to the 2011 MMFF that's set to open on December 25.

*Photos courtesy of Orange Magazine TV. Click here to view more pics from the press con.

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