LG Introduces New Cinema 3D TV and 3D Phone

I’ve been hearing about TVs where you can watch movies and shows in 3D but haven’t been able to experience watching one … until LG invited us to try it out for ourselves.

To say that I was very impressed with the technology is an understatement. I was really blown away by how awesome 3D TV can be! The night was made more fun because several of my friends were also invited to the event so we enjoyed checking out the unique and interactive stuff that LG prepared for us.

First, I got to see how different LG’s 3D TVs are from conventional 3D TVs. LG’s 3D glasses are very lightweight, looks really fashionable, and don’t require batteries to operate. The depth and brilliant colors on the screen also made viewing a really fantastic experience.

I also got to play an Xbox 360 & Kinect game called RiverRush Adventure for the first time on an LG TV using 3D glasses and finally understood why so many kids and adults are so enamoured of game consoles like these. In less than 10 minutes, I was already sweating and catching my breath from the seemingly whole body workout I got. That was really fun!

I didn’t get to try out the LG Optimus 3D Phone (the world’s first full 3D smartphone with tri-dual technology) though but got to peek over other testers’ shoulders how cool the games there were. They played the 3D GT Racing Challenge and had the option to either view the race through the glasses-free 3D phone’s screen itself or through the Cinema 3D TV. It’s remarkable that the phone has dual core, dual channel, and dual memory composition which, according to the techies, ensure maximum processing power for 3D games like Nassau Racing.

Aside from individual experiences, we had some group games where a lot of light-hearted ribbing and heckling took place. Our knowledge was tested about specific movies as well as LG 3D trivia that made us understand better the latest in 3D technology.

Some of the notable features I appreciated:

• LG 3D TV has high quality pictures and great sound quality. It has a flexible viewing angle so you get to see the screen clearly wherever you are in the room.

• The Cinema 3D TV has Film Pattern Retarder (FPR) technology, a feature that produces vivid and flicker-free 3D images with virtually no eye strain

• The battery-free glasses need no recharging, are lightweight, easy to use, and come in very nice colors. I love that I can use it over my regular prescription glasses without any discomfort. I chose a white one which I got to bring home. They told us these glasses can even be used in digital 3D theaters. 

• LG 3D TV can even convert 2D games and even TV shows and videos into 3D images! It is a Smart TV such that users can connect to the internet to enjoy both international and local content like ABS-CBN’s iWantTV. The apps are available through a home dashboard that can be accessed using the magic motion remote control that acts like a PC mouse.

All the exciting activities we took part of were made more vivid and real because they were presented and played through the LG Cinema 3D TV which, by the way, has been certified by European quality assurance agencies TÜV and Intertek.

Life is Good indeed! :)

*Some photos borrowed from Orange Magazine TV and Juan Manila Express. Thanks guys!

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