Filipino-Canadian YouTube Sensation Mikey Bustos Endorses Chicharron ni Mang Juan

A lot of talented Filipinos get discovered worldwide thanks to YouTube. A few months back, I happened to watch a video tutorial about how Filipinos receive compliments and found Mikey Bustos entertaining. That was all I knew about him, a funny guy with a talent to make fellow Pinoys laugh. Here's one hilarious sample:

Yesterday, I got to meet Mikey in person and found out that before he became popular in the internet, he was already making waves in Canada as a singer and had been one of the finalists of Canadian Idol! He even has a music album entitled Memoirs of a Super Hero which talks about finding the superhero in oneself. “My music career is very active in Canada and I’m releasing a second album next year. The reception there has been amazing.”

Asked how he comes up with materials for his tutorials, he told us that his inspirations come from his visits to the country. “I am very observant and enjoy looking at what’s going on in the Philippines while I’m here. I think I have an advantage because I’m an outsider looking in so I notice things that most Pinoys here don’t because, [for them] it’s kind of normal.” He admits to having a list of topics that he still wants to tackle like riding the jeepney, or speaking Bekimon, LOL!

Mikey with his younger brother

Mikey also shared that he and his siblings were brought up in a strictly traditional Filipino household so he is familiar with adobo, sinigang, and kaldereta because their mom cooks those at home.

This Saturday, Mikey will be shooting the Jack n’ Jill’s Chicharron ni Mang Juan commercial which is said to be a mixture of what he does online. “Looking over at what they laid out and have planned, it’s just perfect with what I do.” The commercial will start airing sometime in November.

“Our food is one of the many things that add to our rich culture, and being able to endorse Mang Juan and such cornerstone food items of our culture makes me feel so blessed from my deepest of roots,” he says. “I’m honored to represent such an amazing and truly Pinoy brand.”

Teree Eugenio, Marketing VP of URC Snack Foods affirms that Mikey’s complete package of dynamism, global connections, talent, technology, and artistry is the embodiment of the contemporary Filipino. “Hence, it’s only fitting that he was chosen as the first endorser of Chicharron ni Mang Juan.”

This snack food is made of dehydrated green peas but has the look and taste of real fried pork rinds sans the cholesterol. Chicharron ni Mang Juan comes in uniquely Pinoy flavors such as Espesyal Sukang Paombong, Espesyal Suka’t Sili, and Spicy Sisig. It’s the answer to every Pinoy’s pursuit of chicharon with a kick. “It has done all the dipping work for me,” exclaims Mikey.

Photo courtesy of Orange Magazine TV

The creation of Chicharron ni Mang Juan just goes to show that a solid mix of old and new truly mirrors the evolved taste of today’s generation. Try all flavors for yourself and enjoy the crunchy goodness of each bite. They are really tasty!

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