Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Shirt Story

I like white tops so I have a lot of white blouses and shirts. They don’t absorb heat from the sun as much as colored clothes do. White can also be easily paired with other colors so I get to bring any bag or wear any shoes any time.

When I found out about the My Shirt Story campaign, it took me quite a long time to decide which shirt I’d like to give away. I browsed hundreds of digital pictures looking for a significant shot or two where I wore a specific white shirt on a special occasion. I found not one, but dozens of photos during a time of grief and celebration.

It was a particularly windy day in November 2009. I joined more than a hundred people in bidding goodbye to someone who has deeply touched our lives and who made us very glad that we’ve known him even for a little while. He will never be forgotten.

White became the color of the day as we all celebrated a life well-lived by a person who has made a big impact not only in our individual lives but in the lives of many people in far-flung communities in various countries as well. Tito Joe Lamigo was like a second father to me and my husband since we were in our teens. He’s the missionary dad of five of our very close friends and wife to Tita Arlyn, one of the most exceptional women I know and who I also consider as a second mom.

In support of Electrolux’s Washaton Clothes Donation Advocacy, I’d like to pass on this shirt so someone else could enjoy wearing it too …

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