Monday, August 22, 2011

BUM Equipment Makes Cosplay Dressing Part of Everyday Fashion

I don’t need to go out of the house to see young people wearing black and growing their hair long (I’m talking about guys) because one of my teenage sons dresses that way. He says he’s comfortable looking like that so who am I to argue? As long as his looks wouldn’t scare his grandmothers and little cousins and that he doesn’t go beyond dressing in black clothes most of the time, we’re good. Thankfully, my son is a good kid and I trust him enough to know what's right and wrong.

Like my 17-year-old (who has artistic leanings, by the way, to explain the goth fascination), more and more young people are now wearing their true colors on their sleeves for self-expression. In fact, the youth are even taking fashion trends out of magazine pages / comic books and into the streets.

Cosplayers during BUM's press con
Photo borrowed from OrangeMagazineTV

One the growing style trends that is gaining popularity in recent years is Costume Play or more popularly known as Cosplay. If you’re out of the loop and can’t imagine what that looks like, think of Japanese or Manga comic book characters and transfer their clothes on Pinoy young people.

According to aficionados, at the center of it all is individuality. This same level of passion is evident in BUM Equipment’s style philosophy. As a brand that understands the youth's conceptions and misconceptions, Bum is gradually incorporating the Cosplay trend into the Filipino fashion psyche by translating it into a more prominent trend. After all, both somehow have the same principles.

To celebrate this fashion assimilation, Bum is holding a contest for young Filipinos wherein young stylephiles can show off their individual interpretations of the Cosplay trend by wearing Bum products while giving their take on their favorite anime characters. The total ensemble should have shades of Emo Rock and Goth — Bum's signature look, ensync with “MY STORY” Bum’s culminating chapter.

The core component of the costume design, based on the character of choice, must be BUM products (apparel). Contestants can enhance their getups with accessories like wigs, make-up, contact lenses, and other props. Computer graphics are also allowed to be used in the photo layout to enhance the costume/character although the BUM logo must still be prominently seen in the photo.

If you plan to join, submit your photo to Bum as early as possible so that you’ll have enough time to get "Likes" on Bum's Website. The 10 entries that get the most "Likes" will get a chance to take home big prizes, including a Nikon D3000 DSLR Camera, Blackberry 3G phones, Samsung ES80 cameras, and tokens from Bum.

The promo period runs from August 8 to October 30, 2011. Winners will be announced by October 31, 2011. To know more about the contest rules and mechanics, just visit

*Bum products are available at Bum Boutiques and leading Department Stores nationwide.
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