Saturday, July 09, 2011

New Sun Life TVC Starts Airing Today

After several days of suspense, I finally found out yesterday who the two newest celebrity advocates of Sun Life Financial Philippines are! 

After the very successful It's Time campaign last year where Sun Life aimed to educate more Filipinos about financial literacy, the first and longest standing life insurer in the Philippines presents a new one that will showcase real experiences of five celebrities on how their lives have become brighter under the sun.

Joining It's Time advocates Piolo Pascual (remember SunPiology?) who sends kids to school via his Hebreo Foundation; Pia Magalona who is an insurance beneficiary; and Bam Aquino, a mutual fund investor who helps moms in the provinces through the Hapinoy social enterprise program; are retirement planning champions Anton del Rosario of the famous football team Philippine Azkals and his brother Armand .

Today, July 10, a new TVC themed "Experience Sun Life" will start airing in local channels. This highlights the role played by Sun Life in making Filipinos feel good about their lives and more confident about their future. 

Ms. Riza Mantaring, SLFP President and CEO affirms that the stories they feature are all real life testimonials gathered from those who have actual experiences in dealing with Sun Life. "What we found out is that people who deal with us have so many wonderful things to say about our company. With this campaign, we invite everyone to get to know us and experience Sun Life for themselves too."

Apart from the celebrity figures' stories, a thousand more can be found at including the one about the community of Igorots who were able to set up a small-scale business and fund their family members' studies through their Sun Life Plans. There are also clients who have been with Sun Life for as long as 7 generations! Wow!

In case you don't know, Sun Life has been around for the past 116 years. It survived two World Wars and still was able to pay out its policy plan holders after those man-made calamities. 

Ms. Mylene Daez-Lopa, SLFP Chief Marketing Officer, shares that this campaign would showcase thousands of voices speaking on the company's behalf to convey to the public "that we are truly a company they can trust." Sun Life further aims to make the company a choice when more Filipinos decide to take that journey towards financial security.

Just to share, I totally believe in Sun Life's advocacy and trustworthiness because my husband and I are both SLFP policy holders. This is not something we take lightly. Given more funds to invest in the coming days, months, or years, we will still be choosing Sun Life to take care of our future.

I am not a Sun Life advisor but  for those who would like to know more about the right insurance policy for you, I highly recommend our SLFP insurance agent who's really good at patiently explaining all that you need to know about securing your future. This is not a plug. I am really just passionate about teaching financial literacy to fellow Filipinos, especially the youth.  Because we all need to prepare for tomorrow, today.

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