Bridesmaids is Not the Usual Chick Flick Movie

Laugh all your cares away this weekend. If you want to have a good time at the movies, don't (and I mean DON'T!) fail to catch Bridesmaids because it is one of the funniest films you're gonna see this year. I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard over punch lines!

Bridesmaids will have you rolling around in your seats with barely enough time to catch your breath. Promise! My seatmates and I (who happened to be males) hadn't stop chortling before another fit of guffaws would hit us thanks to the perfect comedic timing, dialogues, and actions of the two-thumbs-up cast.

For the guys, don't be deceived by the predominantly pink and white poster you'll see in cinema lobbies. This is not the usual chick flick that only your wives/girlfriends/sisters would appreciate. I guarantee that you will enjoy watching it as much as they did. Not yet convinced? Read my husband's review of the movie here

Please stand by for my full-length review to be uploaded at soon.
Edit July 25: Review's now up here.

Find out how the Bridesmaids' writer and lead actress ticks. Read a Q and A with Kristen Wiig here and another Q and A with Rose Byrne, who plays Helen in movie, here.

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