Second Chances: Why You Should Watch 100 Days to Heaven

In everything we do, we are always presented with choices. Sometimes, we choose the wrong path, go astray and have to live with the consequences. Whether we like it or not, that's the way life is.

I also believe that when we leave this world, where we go would be determined by the choices we made throughout the life we lived. This is exactly what happened to Anna Manalastas, the main character of ABS-CBN's newest TV series entitled 100 Days to Heaven.

I had the pleasure of watching a preview of this show yesterday. This is a story of second chances, friendship, and faith. The main character is played by both Xyriel Manabat (the young Anna) and Ms. Coney Reyes (Anna as an adult). Anna Manalastas was brought up by her perfectionist dad (Mark Gil) to be tough and hard-hearted. She ended up becoming a shrewd businesswoman who is very unpleasant to deal with.

Not surprisingly, she made a lot of enemies. Upon her unexpected death, Anna found herself standing between the gates of heaven and hell. Fearful of being thrown to the hot depths, she bargained with the Gate Keeper (Noel Trinidad) to give her a second chance so she could gain entry to heaven. Cunning negotiator that she is, Anna was able to convince the Gate Keeper to send her back to Earth. However, there was a catch: she must undo her wrongdoings within 100 days not as an adult but as her seven-year-old self.

What happens next are a series of funny, poignant, and heartbreaking scenes that would make audiences reflect on their own lives and rearrange their priorities. 100 Days to Heaven will show you moments of struggles in everyday living as well as values, inspiration, and hope that many people need to see and hear today. It is skillfully directed by Direk Malu Sevilla.

Ms. Coney and Xyriel are joined by a powerhouse cast of veteran and promising actors such as Jodi Sta. Maria (Sophia), Louise Abuel (Kevin), Joel Torre (Andres), Dominic Ochoa (Bobby), Valerie Concepcion (Miranda), Rafael Rosell (Bart), Smokey Manaloto (Bruce), and Neil Coleta (Jopet) plus a number of good actors and actresses with cameo roles. 

I have to mention how impressive all the performances are. Ms. Coney was able to wonderfully play a mean character who's directly opposite to how she is in real life. Xyriel is so delightful especially when she manages to copy the mannerisms and dialogues of the adult Anna. I predict that she and Louise, the remarkable child actor who plays Kevin, would really go places with their acting abilities. I also like Jodi's portrayal of her character as well as the other actors.

What I loved about what I saw are the emotions that the characters and scenes elicited in me. I laughed, I felt angry, I felt compassion, and I cried. Honestly, I haven't been able to faithfully follow a teleserye for quite some time now because I usually lose interest in the story after just a few days. But, based on what I've already seen, I think I would be anticipating what would happen next in Anna's life until she comes back to heaven again.

Here's a video I took of Ms. Coney inviting everyone to watch 100 Days to Heaven:

Please do watch this entertaining and heartwarming show. Don't miss the first episode! It will start airing this coming May 9 after TV Patrol. Or else, you're gonna be fired! Kuha mo?! :p
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